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Baby visiting hospital question

I work in one of the departments (non patient) in a hospital and I want to take my 7 wk baby into my work to show her off.

Do you think it is okay to take her in as soon as she has had her 8wk jabs or is it better to wait until she has had all her jabs or does it not matter as she wouldn't on the wards with sick patients?

thank you!


  • I dont work at a hospital but I took my lo into visit my office when he was 2 weeks old. Personally if shes not going to come into contact with any patients then I would take her in to visit when ever you want. just make sure she doesn't get passed around everyone. I didnt let anyone hold my lo (well I didnt offer so no one asked) and he was fine. Skye will be getting alot of immunity from you - assuming your still bfing.

  • Thanks for your help Emma. Good point about being not handled by all and sundry, so I think I won't offer to all. You are right about the immunity from me as I am still b/feeding.

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