1st baby early or late?

Hi I normally am in the preggers forum but just would like to ask you lovely ladies a question.

Was your first baby early or late?

Also did your labour start naturally or assisted?



  • hi akaladyk im a fellow gatecrasher too image but my 1st was 7 days early and my waters went 1st so natural
    claire x
  • Hi my first was 12days late and i was induced, he did not wana come out!
  • My dd was 14 days late, dragged out kicking and screaming by c section after a failed induction!!! She must have been comfy in there!!
  • Hi and congratulations!
    Our first arrived 1 day early (on the day I worked out not the hospital!) and waters etc all popped naturally. Good luck Bekkie x
  • My son arrived either 8 days late by the date on dating scan, or bang on time by last period date! Had a sweep to start things off, though the mw didn't think it would do anything as my cervix was quite high still but my hind waters went 8 hours later and he was born 10 1/2 hours after that, so something obviously went right!
  • hello,my first pregnancy he was 5wks early and the top part of my waters broke,they monitored me for 6hours then they popped my waters,my second pregnancy the twins were 9wks early and my waters went on there own

  • Hi my first was 12 days late (by scan dates) - went into natural labour but didn't get passed 4cm so was induced to speed things up

    Currently 41+4 so this one's goning to be very late too!

    Good luck hope yours arrives on time x
  • Six days late... waters went after going to see a reflexologist, lo was born the next morning after a short labour and assisted delivery

    When are you due?
  • My little girl was 7 weeks early, unassisted she was just in a hurry!
  • My little boy was 12 days early, waters broke few hours after ten pin bowling...happened to a friend of mine too so top tip if you want labour to start! Baby born 9 hours later.
  • Charlotte was 12 days early (born on a Sunday).
    On the previous Thursday I was leaking what I thought was wee as only very slight trickle. Friday night had a show. Rang mw on Sat morning. She said to wait as labour might not start immediately. 3am Sunday morning went into labour. Went into maternity suite, mw checked me was 1cm dilated and had to be put on anti-biotic drip as my leakage was hind waters not wee!
    Born naturally, had pethidine as pain relief in labour for 19 hours, with 2nd degree tear.
    All worth it in the end!
    Good luck xx
  • My little girl came 4 weeks early. My waters broke around 5am and she was born at 8.53am! xxx
  • My first was 2 days late and started all naturaly. my second was a different story he tried to come 11 weeks early and every week after that thank god he stayed in there lol.
    he ended up 1 day early but had a sweep and my waters broken. It seemed once I was ready for him he didn't want to come out . typical bloke lol
  • my son was 12 days early. got up for the loo at 12.30 am and my waters started trickling, went downstairs an they just completley went. started getting contractions about 20 mins later and he was born 06.51.
  • I was induced 2wks early due to OC but needed forceps in the end xx
  • hi, our little one was 3 days early according to my dating scan - bang on by my last af. it started naturally but i had to have my waters broken to get my labour movin as i was dilating but waters hadnt gone.xxx
  • my lo came 2 weeks early, went into labour naturally on xmas Day after spending the afternoon playing on the wii lol waters were trickling but didn't go prop so when I went in the mw popped them to help things speed along. He was eventually born on the 27th
  • my 1st was 5 days early and started naturally with no complications what so ever.

    Lisa xxx
  • I calculated my due date as the 3rd but midwife said 5th - she came on the 4th so I think we can call that on time image My waters broke and she arrived 13 hours later.
  • Mine was natural, waters went first and he was born at exactly 37 weeks, so no time to panic about labour etc!
    12+5 xxx
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