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Hi All

Are you having a Doula?

Did you have a Doula?

Pros/Cons ?

Waste of money??

Opinions welcome as this is my first baby.

N.B I have a very supportive husband (who doesnt like blood ha!), so I am not really sure if I need one? My sister had one and swears by them - but to be frank her husband is very unsupportive (he shouted at her to be quiet during labour!)


  • :evil: just posted a long thing about my doula and it failed to post
  • try again,

    I've not given birth yet but I've hired a doula and so far she has been great!
    It's my 1st baby and although my fiance is really supportive he also has anxiety so I know that if he finds things too much she will be there at the birth to support me while he takes a breather...and she will also provide him with a lot of support too. I think that is fab because this is a big journey for the Dad too and it can't be easy for them at times. We get the pain etc but I bet its SO hard for them to watch the one they love in pain and feel helpless.
    Michelle my doula has made me feel so much more confident about the birth (I have a medical phobia) and whether it be csection or natural homebirth (not sure which yet coz I have low placenta) I know that there will be someone there for me to talk to.

    If you are unsure most doulas offer a free consultation so maybe you could meet with a couple of doula's, have a chat with ur partner and the doula and chat about what role she will play she will support you both etc etc.

    I will praise my doula all day long because honestly she has bee a godsend!! I would recommend a doula to anyone who asked to be honest.
  • This is my first baby and I too have hired a doula. I will also be having hypnotherapy sessions as I am hoping to have a drug-free birth. My husband is very calm and supportive, but I just wanted the reassurance of somebody else who has 4 children of her own and has also attended 20 births. I feel that she will be additional support for both of us. I'm sure the midwife will not be in the room the whole time, especially during early labour, but the doula will.

    Also, if I should go into labour and my husband is unable to get back from work for a few hours, the doula will come to home and stay with me right until the baby has been born, if I need support.

    Have also hired a TENS machine, at the doula's suggestion. I was considering not having the injection to speed up delivery of the placenta, but in her experience she feels there is less blood loss with an injection.

    I have a tendancy to bleed, ie after wisdom teeth removal, and I'm scared of having an episiotomy (sp?) so the doula will have notes of that and be able to inform the widwife. It will save me worrying whether my husband has remembered to tell them. She also takes notes during labour/delivery and will talk me through the event when she visits after the baby is born as most women really don't remember much of what happens.
  • much on average do doulas cost and is there a website?

  • They vary in price - round about ??500 BUT there is a hardship fund if people cannot afford that. There are also trainee doula's who charge less.

    There is a doula UK website where you can find local doulas etc
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