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Starting to get worried!

Hiya Ladies

I got myself an angelsounds doppler when i was 9+1,i couldnt find the HB to begin with but did after a few days,but since 10+2 i havent been able to find babys HB at all,I'm trying not to freak out but no matter how hard i try i cant find the HB!!

I have my 12 wk scan on weds its also my OH's 30th birthday and i'm terrified that something has ggone wrong image

xx xx


  • hiya the thing is with these doppler things is they are good when you can get it and a nightmare when yoyu cant!! dont worry please, i am sure everything is fine sometimes they just like to hide you you are still quite early on i didnt hear my lo until i was about 13 weeks! bloody angelsounds!!

    as i say i am sure everythingis just fine please try not to worry it is still early xxxx
  • don't worry... its probably to early to hear it yet, hospital couldn't hear my baby til 14 weeks and my mw told me not to buy a doppler because people can't make them work at home so they end up with lots of worried pregnant ladies checking their baby at the hospital. Leave the doppler alone, they sound good in theory but too stressful!
  • I could only hear ocassional movements up to about 14 weeks and have only just found the hb on my own - am now 18 weeks! So don't worry x
  • I couldnt hear mine properly and regularly till about 14 weeks. Dont forget baby is still very small and can hide from you, in fact i'm at 38+3 and I still sometimes dont pick it up !
    Dont panic and step away from the doppler ! LOL

    MrsW 38+3
  • You're the same as me! I found mine ok from 14 weeks when I got it but yesterday morning after a nightmare about miscarrying I tried to find it and couldn't. I sent myself into a panic and haven't tried again- doppler is off limits they make you worry so much! I am reassured that other people can't always find the heartbeat and things are still ok , so we both need to take deep breaths and wish we'd never bought them!

  • i dont pick mine up unless i usde baby oil, try baby oil, it will prib work hun xxx
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