Colourful baby clothes?

It's early days but already having sneaky peeks at baby clothes websites, and really disappointed at how dull so much of it is! It's all cream or white! I understand if you don't know the sex it's easier to buy neutrals, but we are going to find out so I want to buy some bright colours or patterns for our little boy or girl.

I LOVE the stuff here:

but it's very expensive. Has anyone found colourful stuff that doesn't cost a fortune?



  • hi hunn i found this too if its colourful it seems more expensive i know gap do some colourful stuff i bought 3 months stuff though so not sure about newborn next does a little bit of colourful baby grows pumpkin patch used to be great for it too but this season seems to be quite pastely love the ones on the link you posted but i sooo wouldnt pay that
    claire x
  • No Added Sugar do some really cute, cheeky stuff and H&M are good too.

    Naomi xx
  • That website looks fab. i knwo H & M do some lovely things and so do next but not quite as colourful as this site, they have some gorgrous stuff x
  • wow, thats really expensive! I'm going in for bright. h&m, baby gap, boots, even primark have had bright reds and yellows in some good soft cotton... I waited and splurged in christmas sales mostly. I got some cute mr. men t shirts in next who have nice good quality baby clothes in bright colours. I think ebay is worth keeping an eye on, people seem to over shop and end up with brand new but outgrown before its been worn items. good luck!
  • Thanks ladies, that's good to know. Was definitely not going to be spending ??70 on a babygrow!
  • I got some fab coloured bits from Primark, mothercare and John Lewis. Some fab stuff on (not cheap but much cheaper than other site.) Have also picked up nice stuff from several supermarkets along the way.
  • We're having a boy and have got some gorgeous bright babygrows from Next. Alot of our clothes seem to be pastel blue though, there definitely isn't alot of brights out there. I did get some gorgeous stripey green soft cotton dungarees in M&S though!

    Bec 32+2 x
  • Hi Coco25, Boden baby is very colourful, is reasonably expensibe but not hugely. I buy a lot from there for Neve and it lasts and washes very well.

    K 10+3

  • Oh girls you have got me so excited now!! image

    I LOVE all the stuff on the Next website, and Boden is just gorgeous! Will check out all the other places too.

    Thank goodness these clothes are out there - beforehand I was not at all excited about the prospect of dressing my baby in cream or beige.

    Just loving all the gorgeous prints and bright colours available!

    Roll on my 20 week scan so I can get shopping!!! :lol:

    Thanks again xx
    Coco 15+5
  • I love Next stuff honey, it's really good quality, a good size and there are some really bright colours! C 25+4 XXX
  • We've bought loads of NEXT stuff for our little boy.
    Its lovely and not as boring as some other places.
  • Great site Coco25, but you got to look at the hats on that site, the are soooo cute!
  • Hi,
    I found it really difficult to get colourful clothes for my boy (i didnt want the typical blue for everything) and like some of the other ladies have said, h&m is brilliant! They do really good stuff for boys and girls and unisex stuff too, and so cheap! I love their baby clothes and havent found anywhere nearly as good as them lol xx
  • I also like lots of bright things and found Gap good and also got some things from this website:

    I got things in the sale though as it is expensive like you say. Worked out well for me as I found out we're having a boy the first week in Jan so was perfect for post-Christmas sales!

    Also i like this website, but it is the more retro style brights, so not sure if that's your thing!
  • There was an advert in Prima this week for some adorable really bright baby gros from babies r us ! ??7 each - buy one get one free ! I love them !
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