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Funky Sleepsuits


I have just stumbled on this http://www.sugarplumtree.co.uk/Baby-Clothes-p-1-c-249.html .. in another room/topic and the sleepsuits are fantastic! But does anyone know is there much difference between organic cotton or normal cotton and is it worth paying a little extra?

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  • gosh they are expensive especially cos they will fit for all of three weeks!you could get about eight normal sleepsuits for that...and most places do funky designs. Also some of the high streets do organic cotton.
  • Hi!
    Organic cotton hasnt been treated in any way, completely natural etc. It will feel nicer and last longer (though im not sure how important that is as lo will outgrow it!). Its up to you! xx
  • PRIMARK! cheap and cheerful lol
  • btw - I saw some of those sleepsuits pretty similar in Asda I got a couple for Kyra, only ??3.99 each!!
  • omg how much! Do people really pay this much for sleepsuits/clothes! I am with yummy mummy primark all the way, also george do some pretty cheap ones x
  • h&m do clothes like that too xx
  • i would be carful going on to link if you dont know who has posted it .it just looks a bit fishy that a newbie who has only just joined has posted 3 posts all with links on their first day

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