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can I be nosy plz?

How much did your christening cost? Am planning on booking Charlotte's christening on Friday and just wondering what the cost is. I know it might be different for each church but would like a rough idea.

Also, how many people did you invite? I want a very small christening. Just immediate family (ie parents and siblings so 16 in total). We'll probably have her christened during the All Age service and not have our own service. I don't want it to end up like our wedding where we ended up inviting loads of family we hardly knew/saw so we didn't upset someone. You know what it's like - you invite one person so you have to invite the next and so on......!

Thanks xx


  • Churches dont charge for christenings, well C of E ones dont. We had about 60/70 people and that was just a few friends and the family we speak to (we both have huge families). Ours costs were:

    gown, shawl, shoes etc - 70
    buffet - 250
    cake - 70
    invitations - 25
    room & decorations - 50

    Total 465

    Hope that helps
  • Hiya,

    The church didn't charge anything for Isobels christening. Don't know whether this is the norm or not though - our church is C of E.

    We invited about 50 people, which was just our close family, friends and their children xx
  • Oh thanks. Didn't realise they didn't charge! I'll make a small contribution to the church instead. Sounds like I'm having a very very very small christening lol!!
  • Anglican churches do not charge for the ceremony but may charge a small fee for the certificate


    Dont know about other churches though
  • Cathlic and C of E Churchs don't charge for Christenings.
    Ours was very cheap as mil made the cake, We used a loverly raw silk dress rather then a gown we were given in a random bag of clothes. We got the hall for the after do half price as we new the manager/sport captain and we supplied the minimum amount of food. Told people to eat before they come.
    In total I think ours cost ??100 there abouts. we had about 60 people there.

    36wks today
    X X X
  • My auntie had both her boys christened. We didn't go as my OH got a sickness bug, but she managed to do everything for just over 300 so she said. x
  • My auntie had both her boys christened. We didn't go as my OH got a sickness bug, but she managed to do everything for just over 300 so she said. x
  • Don't think ours cost much really. Church donation, mil did tea & cakes back at their home (might have spent ??20-??40), aunty did a cake & that was about it!
  • we had jasons in feb n it cost us ??260 n that inc:

    jason's suit : ??30
    church (C OF E) - 0
    buffet (40) ??160
    decorations at buffet ??20
    cake - ??50
  • church didn't charge anything but we gave them a ??10 donation...

    outfit cost ??6.50 - loveeee Ethel Austin :lol:

    buffet was ??120

    function room was free cuz my dad is on the commitee there but would have been ??50 if we were just random people
  • hey,

    we're planning to invite about 35 people to Louise's christening. my pil are paying for it and hosting it though my dh is going to make sure that they dont have too much control over it! We did agrue a little over the weekend as they wanted to invite x, y and z but eventually gave in as its them who keep saying 'its not as nig as a wedding' and 'we wern't invite to so ans so's'. And us saying well in that case we have to invite .... and ..... etc etc!!

    We are having family members who are very close and we see lots (not just at the usual family gatherings) and friends who care about Louise - oh and ofcourse the godparents and thier oh's.
  • church free
    suit ??25 from next
    shoes already had some
    donoation to church-??30
    funcuction room/pub/- free they make a profit from drinks we buy..
    buffet,did it all myself cost around ??70 for food

    total 120
  • I did everything for Evie's christening myself from food invitations decorations etc i got her dress from next which was 18.00 really nice one i did it all for about 100 as we had everyone to our house afterwards, we only invited really close family as both are massive so in total we had about 20 people and it was fantastic xxx

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