Ouch...poor lo

At the moment Charlotte loves putting things on her head - anything!
Particularly muslin cloths so she can't see where she's crawling. She did it today then crawled straight into the sofa. So we had 10 minutes of temper tantrums inc battering the sofa with her wand(!!). When I got to look at her forehead she's got a bruise coming and a big lump. Then she nearly did it again until I stopped her!

Does anyone know where I can get a play hat that fits a small 14 months old? At toddler group last week she wore a fireman's hat from the dressing up box nearly all the way thru, even though it was way too big!!!!



  • OH THIS SOUNDS FAMILIAR! Max's FAVOURITE game is what we call 'ghost baby' he walks round with a muslin on his head and the occasionally pulls it off and says 'boo' - He bumps into LOADS but mostly at chest height. I tried it the other day and you can't see ANYTHING through them so it's no wonder! (yes I really did walk round my house with a muslin on my head - I know I'm a nutter :roll: )

    Sorry no help with the hat but just know what you are going on about! :lol:

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  • I've bought a brilliant fireman and police mans hats which I use in school in lessons and they have buttons on the top which make great sounds. So if Charlotte bumped her head she'd get lovely sounds at the same time! They were from the ELC not sure about sizes.
    Am looking forward to playing ghost baby with Alf in a few months-sounds dead good!
  • Have not seen this game yet but it sounds hilarious! (apart from sofa injuries).

    I know its not a play hat but this weekend we bought Neve a cycle helmet so that she can go on bike rides with Daddy (leaving me free to waft around the house on my own!) - she LOVES the helmet and walks around wearing it, putting things in it and putting things on it. It was only ??15 and if you were thinking of taking Charlotte out on a bike at some point then this would double up as a play hat in the meantime.
  • Thanks mum to 1 will have a look! If she carries on may have to get a crash helmet!
  • oh yeah 'ghost baby' is hilarious - self made halloween costume um perfectly timed for easter ???hhhhhmmmm!

    Should also say Max particularly likes doing it while starkers - so a naked ghost baby - nothing but a muslin over his head! I have LOTS of video footage of it to embarass him with when he is older :lol:
  • How about just a summer cap with the sick out bit??

    X X X
  • lol!!! like the piggy hats!!!

    jaosn's not really tried this one yet, he's more into climbing!!! how old are all you lo's? jason's only 11months atm
  • lol LOVE the hats!
    Ellie is into everything, she bangs her head at least 217 in a day I don't know how she isn't seriously damaged. she hits it, cries then hits whatever she's bumped her head on & mutters 'ba ba ba' which is what we say when she does it meaning 'bad bad bad'.
    i think a cycle helmet sounds a good idea for charlotte! xox
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