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housework or relax?


my dh is away tonight (work related)

do I....

enjoy a nice relaxing bath? glass of wine, chocci's and read a book in a nice warm bath.


clean the kitchen? (empty & fill dishwasher, clean sides & table)

I cant do both as kitchen then bed or bath then bed!


  • How bad is the kitchen? Lol

    I'd leave the kitchen till the morning if it were me. (Actually I do every night as we have a rubbish hot water system so my oh does the washing up etc before he goes to work in the morning!)

    Take advantage and relax without having to worry about anyone else!

    Enjoy your bath!
  • i vote for bath, wine, and chocs : )

    Enjoy xx
  • I'd clean the kitchen then have a little soak, lol. But I am a cleaning freak (have just put LO to bed and cleaned the bathroom!)

    Last night though I managed to actually do both. Just did a quick once over around the house then got in the bath and had a read, was lovely. It sounds like the book and bath option is something you don't get to do very often, so do that and worry about the kitchen tomorrow! What are you reading?

  • I'd do same as Rebecca - in fact I did just clean the kitchen lol, straight after putting Gabe down.

    I can't really relax unless everywhere's half-decent looking...that doesn't count the places you can't see :lol: Like, under my bed is filthy and dusty and I just forget about it, the wardrobe needs a good clear out as does under Gabe's cot BUT if the kitchens dirty it really bugs me? weird eh......

    I'd do both cos I go to bed pretty late! xxx
  • I'm a clean freak but i feel knackered today so I say bath then bed xx
  • Sorry am with Tiger Lily and Rebecca couldn't settle! Guess I'm a bit of a Monica when it comes to that side of things.
    Try and make sure you get some relaxation too though-chocs and book in bed aswell as a quick once over of the kitchen? Comparmise maybe?
  • Clean kitchen quickly, and then relax in bath. I can't sit down in the evenings unless my house is 100% tidy and clean. I'm terrible!!

  • I managed to get the dishwasher loaded and unloaded while cooking and after dinner while Louise ate some organix snacks to keep her happy!
    So now off to have my wine, chocolates and bath!
    I'll finish the kitchen in the morning before my dh gets home.

    I'm reading richard hammonds last book, I got it for christmas and have only managed to read about 20 pages so far!
  • Have a lovely evening xx
  • oooh this sounds exactly the sort of evening id like... however the washing is mountain high .. image enjoy your evening!! lucky lady :P xxx
  • oooh sounds like a lovely, relaxing evening! enjoy it ;\)
  • well, I enjoyed my bath and am now on here as I have no dh to talk too!
  • neither do i!!! hb at pub on his birthday so i have opened a bottle of wine on my own!!!!
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