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Health visitor

Totally pointless post! image

...............But i just have to say i love my health visitor!!! I was so worried about meeting her as i've heard so many horror stories about them telling you want to do and being a bit bossy, but honestly i couldn't have asked for a better hv!

Yesterday she had to leave as she had another app (she'd been at mine an hour) anyway later on i got a call from her saying how sorry she was she had to leave!


  • aw how lovely, mine is good but can be a bit ditsy! I had a lovely hv with Zach, very old wives tales, like putting my breastmilk on milk spots but she retired before i had Molly! x
  • That's just how it should be hun. You're much more likely to ring and ask for advice and listen to her, which will make a big difference to you and lo so that's fab! I think you can nominate health visitors for an award-maybe its just midwives? Not sure now!
    I've never had the same one unfortunatley.The one that came to us first when lo was born has gone off to do management and teenage pregnacy so we have someone else now. The new one is pretty brusk but I quite like that-no faffing on or 'Oh I'm not sure'. She just says it like it is-just like me and I think she's alright!
    Good news babe!
  • mine such a bitch, shes loves telling peopel where they go wrong,and somedays she ignors me! and once she just stood up mid conversatona nd walked off!!!! lol she even told me couison whos had 5 mc to get over them! i hate her lol,

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