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should i have a private scan?


I usually just post on Due on Oct but wondering if anyone can help me. I had a late booking app with midwife becaiuse the staff wouldn't booki me in at the docs untill 11 or so weeks. I was told to ring the scan appointment this week if i hadn't heard from them. They told me it could be up to 2 weeks untill i get my letter telling me when my scan is i am 13 weeks on Sat so could be 15-16 weeks before i could be scanned might be earlier but doubt it. They told me they are really busy, great. Mid wife has said not to worry and she will chase but it might not be untill 15 weeks till i have my 12 scan. Rubbish. Just wondering if i should go private now as i can have scan on Sat.. Do you think its worth going or waiting?


H 12+5


  • I think i would if i had to wait until then. Its crazy to think you might have to wait unitl 16 weeks to see if everything is going ok. You could offer to go to another hospital?

    Em x
  • I would hun but thats just me. I know some places don;t have 12 weeks scan and only do the 20 weeks one but they do the NT scan at the 12 weeks, I was told this could only be done up till 14 weeks and then the fluid behind the neck goes, I could be wrong but was pretty sure this is what my MW told me.

    K XX
  • You probably have - but I wld kick up a major fuss!!!

    Tell them you want it within the next week as it is REALLY stressing you out.....tell your GP, you feel completely stressed out about it - they will spped it on for you surely if you feel stressed!

    good luck xx

    K - 18+4
  • I didnt get an appointment for my 20 week scan till i was 23+5 weeks so i booked a private scan for 21+5. I think if you want one then go for it. Its not fair making you wait as is the only reasurance that everything is ok....also private scans are more detailed and thourough,,

  • Thanks
    I have rung up and stressed how much i'm stressing out not having my scan and they just can't do anything about it they are short staffed and have no appointments so i think i'm facing a losing battle. I think i'll book private one at least ill feel more relaxed after that plus i will have one a few weeks after that 2 then image xx
  • Thats crap - I'd book a private one if you can afford it. they're much nicer than most of the NHS ones I've had anyway.
    They should be more understanding that you need the reassurance.
  • If you can afford it I'd go for a private scan if I were you. I had 3 private scans with my daughter for reassurance (I'd previously had 3 miscarriages )and its a much nicer experience and the pics you get are far better. Have to say though I'm disgusted at the hospital what a pile of shit its not your problem if they're understaffed ,you are entitled to a standard of carexxx
  • Thanks for all your replies
    Well i did some searching and have booked with Babybond on Sat so i'm looking forward to that at least i will have reassurance and a nice first scan image typical NHS eh

    H xx
  • I went to babybond and it was the best one we had they put the projector on the wall so the scan screen is huge and the pics are brill. Enjoy it hun xxx
  • Hi hun, i replied on Oct but BE kept eating my reply grrrr.....
    Anyway, i couldn't get my 12 week scan on the NHS so booked one with BabyBond and had it done yesterday - it was really good as we had a plasma screen showing us the baby.
    I'd say it's worth it - i booked the Dating scan with them
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