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Rash all over but well otherwise-HELP!

Hi girls,

My 13 month old is covered head to toe in spots - he woke up with them Thurs morning and the doc said it looked like he has a virus, and the spots are the bodies way of fighting it off. He's totally fine otherwise - normal appetite etc, no temperature or other symptoms - but the spots aren't getting any better.

Have any of your babies had this before? Did the spots just go away after a few days? I'm not overly worried as he seems so well but I was hoping they'd have started to calm down by now.

Any advice appreciated xx :\)


  • hi
    all 5 of my kids have had this at some time or other. My body reacts to virus' by coming out in spots so I think I have passed it on to them. tho it is normal and nothing to worry about, I still keep a close eye on them and check their temps etc... if spots look different or if baby gets worse then consult your doctor etc...

    hope he well soon.

    d xx
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