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calling all Wirral girls!

just wanted to see who was from my neck of the woods as saw the post about liverpool!
i live in oxton and was thinking it would be a great idea to organise a liverpool meet!



  • yayyyy!!! me, WillowSara and sleepybeccie all met up on Monday and we were talking about you lol! i'm in Pensby image x
  • JJ will be surrounded by girls!! beccie needs to have a boyyyyyy image lol x
  • ah no way i am gutted! would love to meet up, next time you do let me know, would be great to have some other mum's to talk too, none of my friends have children yet! xx
  • well Beccie is due any day now so as soon as she's had her BOY we can arrange something, chuffedbaby2 is up for a meet too and gemzy is moving to Liverpool soon so we should be able to get a good crowd together! x
  • i remember talking to you in pregnancy a while back. i'm in birkenhead!
    there is also lisa (chuffedbaby2) who i met in chester pizza hut as its half way between us.

    hopefully i'll be able to join this part of the forum properly if this baby will ever get a wriggle on (2 days overdue!!!)

    are you on facebook?
  • ah cool, sounds good! yeah i'm a facebook geek! Rachel Wagstaff and my pic is a black and white one of me on my wedding day not sure how many of us there are!
    ah hope you bub makes an appearance soon, i was 6 days late with Evie, i had acupuncture so i wouldnt be induced!

  • i think i've just added u x
  • yey have accepted your request! xx
  • oooh yipee im defo up for a meet when beccies lil bubs arrives image) ,rachel ill add u now if thats ok ? image ....xxxxxx
  • nice one wirral lasses, hope to put a face to the names someday soon image xxxx
  • as soon as i get my new pushchair (hopefully next week) i'll feel a bit more confident getting on busses cuz it's small and light so if any of u wanna go for lunch or go shopping or something just let me know cuz hopefully there will be no stopping me lol! x
  • i'd say Chester but i'm terribleeeee with Chester, i get sooo lost, need OH with me :lol: x
  • jenny if u can get a bus to bromborough ill pick u up and then we could all go to pizza hut in chester ,sealand road ,its really easy to find for everyone too .....cmon beccie get bubs out i want us all to meet up image ..just kidding hunny xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • no i dont live in bromborough i live in north wales but its only about 15-20 from chester so i dont mind driving on to pick up jenny and jj. image...well if u fancy meeting the weds after which is the .....8th april let me know id love to meet u and amelie ...if beccie doesnt mind us meeting without her this time ? ...anyone else fancy a meet in chester pizza hut sealand road weds 8th april?? ..sara are u on fb ? xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • where is sealand road? god i am rubbish with directions or knowing where i am going! xx
  • i CAN get to brom with a bit of difficulty but the only prob is i don't have a car seat anymore cuz my car seat is an old one that only takes up to 6 months and little fatty is wwwweeeeellllll over the weight limit for a "6 month old" and can't really afford a new one at the mo lol x
  • grr, i wish this baby would hurry up and decide to come out! 4 days overdue now. i'm back up at the hospital tommorrow so you never know what may happen in the next few days
  • u had better text me if anything happens missy image lol!! x
  • dont say anything on facebook but i had a show yesterday image but nothing since!
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