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I'm Still shaking

On the wall next to Evie's bed we put her christening plate up, well its just come crashing down hasnt hit her went down by the side of the cot but it was such a loud bang it scared her and me i'm not ever risking putting anything up there again, I'm still shaking it scared me that much xxxx


  • OMG i bet ur shaking, but just think how jucky u r it cud have been terrible, At least u know not to put anything up near her cot now, and i dnt blame u 4 not wanting to put it up. At least Evie is okay tho i camn understand y ur shaken xxxx
  • Glad Evie is ok. Make yourself a sugary brew=good for a horrible shock! And yes I know I sound like an old woman or someone off Eastenders! Bx
  • How scary?

    Same thing happened with one of Oscar's pictures. It hit his cot and sacred the absolute monkeys out of me, but he slept on oblivious!

    Hope you and Evie are ok! X
  • Thanks girls, lol mum to 1 i've got a little glass of wine to calm myself down, she did wake up but i've given her a feed and she's sleeping soundly now xxx
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