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Can't decide on names

I'm now 22+2 and we have a boys name picked out (Aidan Jack) but we just can't decide on girls name.

We think we've narrowed it down to either Caitlin or Kiera (surname is McHugh) but we're also struggling to find a middle name. I would like to use our grandmothers' initials to make up it up. They are E N W I. (I'm also thinking of names that incorporate these four letters but to no avail)

The only obvious one that springs to mind is WINE but I'm not sure that I would want that for a middle name. It has been suggested to me ENWIN which the more I think of it the more I quite like it. I've not suggested it to DH yet as he's at work.

What do you girls think? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



  • I love both Caitlin and Kiera! The name Bronwen also uses your grandmothers initials and I love it (lucky we're having a boy as hubby hates it!) but I'm not sure how it would sit with the first.

    I like Enwin too!

    Bec 33+4 x
  • Both lovely names hun! Me and OH decided on Caitlin for our little girls first name today - it means pure


  • What about Winnie ? I love Keira - it's my friends little girls name though so we can't have it ! image
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