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Dodgy craving,is it harmful?

This is a bit of a weird all 3 of my pregnancies I've craved the same thing,talcum powder! Not eating big spoonfuls just licking thin layers off my hand! I know that it tastes disgusting but when I'm pregnant it's all I crave! So far I have resisted but I can feel it creeping up on me! My mum thought that it might signify a lack of calcium but even when I get more I still want it. Is it actually harmful? I know it's not ideal but there's no chemicals in it!

K 22+0 xx


  • Wow - what a strange craving.
    Have you spoke to mw about it?
    Like you say its not ideal but if there isn't anything harmful in it you should be ok.

  • Lol thats bizarre no idea if its harmful!! I have just googled it and it seems pretty common, some women buy tubs of it and sit and eat it like biscuits! Apparently it signifys a few different deficiency's like iron and magnesium. One woman said her cravings for it stopped during pregnancy because she was diagnosed as anaemic and given iron tablets, when she starts craving it again she goes to the doctor and is diagnosed as anaemic every time!
    I would go to the docs and explain you are craving it and ask for blood tests.
    Google it there is loads about it, type pica in pregnancy.
  • i crave soap! lol. sucking the soap out of flannels/clothes/sponges. whatever i can chew to get the taste out! washing powder and shower gel are the worst too. yeah its called pica. speak to ur midwife not sure about talc but i got told that eating soap isnt good for me. not that i can help it!!! i had the same in my last pregnancy too. x
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