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Pink/v light brown CM - am I overreacting?

I'm in a state of panic. Am 6 + 1 and I've had very light brown/pink CM this afternoon. I phoned my doctors and they were no use, said there wasn't really anything they could do. I phoned NHS Direct who took all my details and put me straight through to a lovely nurse who said it could be a warning that I'm overdoing it, and to go home and rest. I didn't - I had a meeting I couldn't get out ofat 2:30pm and I've just got home. She said to call back if I got any pain or if it got worse. I'm on the sofa under a duvet feeling like rubbish because I'm trying not to stress or panic yet it's all I can do! I'm not in pain, maybe a bit crampy at times, and I'm very dizzy. Am I panicking over nothing or should I be really worried?


  • Loads of women on here have had brown or pinky cm and all has been fine. I think the EPU usually get concerned if there is pain as well but if you dont have that then hopefully all will be fine.

    I have had a couple of bleeds and pinky cm quite a fwe times and everything is ok, its sometimes just one of those things. If it continues it might be worth seeing if you can have an early scan.

    take care 23+2 xxx
  • Im 6+3 and had light brownish cm, but only a little bit. Ive had on and off cramps since i found out i was pregnant but not too bad, ie i wouldnt have taken paracetamol for it. It was such a small amount that i didnt bother calling anyone. I will mention it to the doc on friday when i have an app, but i seen quite a few people on here where its been fine.

    Try not to stress, and rest whenever you can.
    Let us know if anything changes/any news.

    Em x
  • try and not worry,could be just a implantion bleed cos your so early in your pregnancy,i had 2 fresh bleeds in my last pregnancy,one at 7wks and one at 13wks which i also lost clots and both times everything was ok,so keep your feet up and try and relax

  • Thanks girls, that's what I needed to hear. I feel so much better now, I haven't had any since so I'm hoping the nurse was right and I just need to take things easier.

    x x x
  • just a thought and sorry if tmi but had u had intercourse in the last 24 hrs befor the pinkish cm??in my last 2 pregnancies i bled whenevr me and hubbie had intercourse,apparently this can happen as pregnancy hormones soften the cervix.When i was pregnant with dd1 i had a big bleed that lasted almost a week when i would have been about 10 weeks pregnant and luckily all was fine.Hope everythings ok 4 u hun xxx
  • No hollysmum+bump - we're kinda abstaining till 12 weeks as I'm too worried about causing problems for the baby. Also, feel a bit 'tight' - it's so weird! definitely doesn't feel the same down there to the way it did before I got pg
  • oh,maybe like others have said its implantation.Hope all goes well at your scan will be thinking of you xxx
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