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Any mums from fife, dont seem to be very many people from scotland on here let alone fife



  • hey chick im from fife,where are you?
  • Hi!
    I am orginally from Fife but living in the west coast now! Where about are you?
    xx image
  • in in rosyth chick,next to dunfermline,where were you from,you kinda forget how big Fife actually is lol
  • Was up in Cowdenbeath, so not too far away. Lived in Rosyth when i was a young girl 2.
    So how many kiddies u got?
  • ive got 1 son hes 21 months,my hubby is from cowdenbeath,i wonder if you know him,his nickname was fridge,hes an only child

    how many do you have? kiddies that is lol
  • I'm originally from Kirkcaldy - now living near Cambridge x
  • Ohh Grudie, I'm in Rosyth to - I'm easily excited about these things!:lol:
  • emmsy4 my dad stays in kirkcaldy x

    McGilliar lol i get excited aswell lol is that sad if us hehe where are you in rosyth?
  • Yeah, we're easy pleased us Fifers!

    I'm just round the corner from the Camdean Takeaway/Cotters. Originally from Dunfermline (ohh, I moved far!) Where abouts are you?xx
  • i no where you are lol,im up in the dockyard,small world,where in dunf did you stay,high school etc? im so nosey x
  • Pitcorthie, but I went to Woodmill....!! I work near the dockyard. It's funny actually, because I was having a nose around one of the topics, I think it was Favourite photos or something and thought I recognised the place you had your wedding reception, it looked like the Pitbauchlie or Queens Ferry Lodge (I'm not a crazy stalker or anything, I've just got a lot of time on my hands since Mat Leave started and I'm nosey!!) Hope to move back to Dunfermline soon, although I quite like Rosyth.

    I've probably passed you in town or Tesco, that's mad eh? Have you stayed in Rosyth long? Did you got to the High School?xx
  • hey chick i got maried in the queensferry hotel,i went to dunfermline,my bro in law went to woodmil but hes 30,saying that i dont no how old you are lol,where do you work in the dockyard? i work in the postie or McColls is its other name lol

    ive stayed here for about 20 years and further in rosyth when i was little and also Inverkeithing nowhere fantastic lol

    when you due? how exciting,do you no what your having? i might have to nose at your other topic lol im no crazy stalker either lol
  • I'm a Fifer born and bred too lol! Kirkcaldy! Love it!!
  • We had looked at there for a reception, then I heard it had went into administration (which turnsout it's not anymore, typical) It's beautiful in there and the views of the bridge are stunning! We've just booked the BLCC, the place behind Lauder for our wedding next year, going cheap because of baby expenses!

    Lol, I only have one other topic, had been snooping since Sept and made a profile in Jan and never really know what to post about!! I'm almost 25 so might know your brother in law. I didn't recognise you in your photo though.

    I'm working at HBOS. Is it the McColls in Rosyth or the one up at the Dockyard? I never know what these places are actually called!

    Our baby is due 27th April, pretty nervous because I don't have a clue about babies! (my other topic will probably explain!!) and we're having a surprise!!xx

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  • yay lol another 1 i didnt think ther were many scots on here now were all creeping out the woodwork lol
  • his name is
    thats the reason why we picked the QF,the views are fab,i thought the BLCC was a bit expensive,my mum orks for Lauder and even with a discount it was still a bit pricy,when you getting married??

    aw the 27th thats my what a fab day lol and a surprise,how fab thats what i will be doign when we get preg again lol

    the shops are the same company lol i work in the dockyard 1,have done for nearly 10 years x

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  • It rings a bell, but I forget my own name these days!

    I thought it was quite good for all the stuff we're getting, it's a package deal for under ??5k (luckily parents are being very generous!). We probably could have done it cheaper now I think about it, but they organise everything. Booked for 27th March 2010.

    Hehe, our paths have probably crossed many times if that's the shop! I wanted to find out what Baby is, ut OH didn't. Glad now, gives me something to push for....!! I take it that's your wee boy as your profile pic, he's a cutie! Did you have him in Forth Park?

    Singlebychoice, another Fifer! How are you keeping?xx
  • just thinking about your age you will prob know his sister nicola paton,i think she was a bit of a mosher at school???

    yeah lol our paths prob would have crossed,you couldnt miss me in there lol

    27th march is my sisiters,it is really nice in the BLCC tho it was 1 of our options but we liked the thought of pics by the bridge

    Yeah that my baby Lennon,hes nealy 22 months already!!! i did have him in Forth park yeah,i was in obstretrics but i thought the staff fantastic and even up in the ward i think it all depends on the midwife you get,i had him at 0117 on the sunday morning and was ome by the late afternoon lol they werent really wanting to let me go but i just wanted to be home,luckally my dad stays in KDY as we dont drive so my hubby went to his after,is that where your going?
  • Again, it rings a bell. I think I might have had English with her, is she a year younger than me?

    Yeah, going to Forth Park I think just the midwife led unit at the moment, haven't had a tour or anything but seen a video at the antenatal classes and it looked ok. We've had a few trial runs up so far (mostly just an excuse for me to visit the pram shop though!) and it's taken from 20 minutes to an hour! Plus there's road works on the motorway, so the back roads it'll be!! It'll be my luck we'll get stuck behind a big truck and it'll take hours to get me to the hospital!!

    Can't belive they let you out that early! I'm hoping to stay in as long as possible! I'm terrified! (although I like my own bed, so I might change my tune when I actually have baby!) I've been up to the Triage, gave myself a fright at about 18 weeks and they were lovely, so that's put my mind at ease!!xx
  • thats the way we went the back roads,they were quieter i thought,i never had a look roind forth park before,i had i trip there at 32 weeks but that was for an internal after some bleeding but most seemd nice enough,was a bit put off by the screaming going on lol hubby was a bit wide eyed also lol

    i felt quite alone in the ward,nobody in the room spoke,was twiddling my thumbs until hubby got back,my dad stays in KDy so he got to stay there and get into me first thing,im not sure i could have stayed ther again over night

    I think Nicola is a year younger than you yeah,she works on game now

    you should get a lot of support on her the chick,usually everyone is kind and has either gone through it or knows some1 who has,Lennon was 6 months when i joined,i needed some 'adult talk' lol
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