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What can hubby's do to help get a BFP??

Right now my hubby's decided to really go for it this month is there anything he can do to help us to get a BFP (apart from the obviousimage)????


  • Arrgggh BE just ate my response.

    Basically tell him to check out this site, it has loads of info about improving the quality of his sperm. It is useful for any man ttc not just men with a low sperm count. Have fun and good luck! x

  • ooh i hadn't thought about that - good question Muffin34!

    although i suspect that my hubby would take offense at the suggestion that his swimmers might not be superstrong already :lol:
  • Lol Mrs Raf, that was the first thing OH said when we found out we were pregnant (unfortunately miscarried) well at least my boys can get the job done! So of course the implication is I have a malfunctioning uterus! Every time he goes over a speed bump or bumps into me or whatever I shout, OW MY UTERUS, we get some funny looks lol!!

    Gonna go have a look at that site though, thanks!
  • jennyyellowhat I will have to look at the website but not on this laptop as its the one I use at work and I would die of embarassment if that website was to come up on my address bar!!

    Any other tips??
  • My Hubbie has also got a bit more serious this month too Muffin....except he didn't opt for reading up on the subject. Instead he picked me up by my ankles and said to his swimmers to go do their job LOL.....Didnt have the heart to tell him that it was teh wrong time of the month for them to get the job done! xx
  • Thats so funny!! Sounds like something my hsband would do!! At least hes trying!
  • Hi Muffin

    Here are some things that your OH can do/avoid to help you get that BFP!

    ~ No alcohol
    ~ No caffine
    ~ No smoking
    ~ A healthy, balanced diet (plenty of fruit and veg and ditch the junk food!)
    ~ No hot baths
    ~ Don't balance a laptop on his knee!
    ~ Regular exercise (but not cycling!)
    ~ Supplements - zinc and selenium are particularly important
    ~ Sorry if TMI but....make sure he ejaculates every few days and don't go longer than 7 - 10 days without doing so!
    ~ Avoid all medicines unless absolutely necessary

    Ermm...sure there's more. Will come and update if I think of anything else!

    Love NN xx;10719;30/st/20090413/e/%27Round+4%27/dt/5/k/a085/s-event.png

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  • I have just read that it takes up to 4 months for sperm to form so any changes wont have any effect for four months!!
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