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moving baby to own room

lo is 5 weeks,id planned on him being in with us for the recommended 6months but something has to change. He's SO noisy when he sleeps, it's really loud grunting/groaning/moaning. Ive not slept for 2 nights, i mean, literally no sleep-not even nodded off for 5 minutes.

If he goes into his own room he'd only be 6ft away, just a wall separating us but im petrified of something awful happening. I don't want to put my needs before his but i feel like death.

What do you all think?xx


  • Hmmm its a tricky one, my lo sounds similar, he wakes every 1.5 hours which is tough but even when he is asleep, he grizzles non stop, cries out and is generally just very noisy!

    Hubby wants to put him in his room which is only next door but I've been saying we shouldn't.

    I would maybe speak to your HV next time you see her, personally I'm going to wait until the 6 week appt to ask mine but hopefully I will hold out until LO is 3 months old before moving him.

    I had mentioned it to MW a couple of weeks ago about all the noises and she said its common at this age for them to be noisy during the night, so hopefully they will settle down soon!

    I don't think that there is anything wrong with putting your lo in his own room early, but I would just wonder if you will end up going into check on him countless times anyway or lying in bed worrying. This is one of my concerns, although my other concern is that I'm so bloody knackered that I won't wake to check on him and then something might happen....I don't think you can win either way!

    Sorry that's probably not very helpful!!!

    Can you get any sleep during the day or when hubby is back from work?

  • You're spot on Rach, i can't win either way. Ive just had a good nap. It feels too soon still-i think i'll wait a few more weeks, he might just quieten down soon, im just so tired!

    I'll speak to the HV on wednesday about it-she might have some suggestions xx
  • ours has been in his own room since three weeks as i thought if i didn't do it then i never would and its fine. you get much better quality sleep and we still hear him on the monitor if he wakes. i think just do what you feel happy with.
  • If it helps I know someone who put both their children in their own rooms from 4 days!!!

    We had my daughter with us until she was too big for her basket at 12 weeks. Then she moved down stairs (our bedroom is in the loft). We will probably do the same this time. Once I got my head around moving her (the first week or so was hard) then the thing that has always caused me most concern is that she is closer to the front door than I am, and this worries me still, especially if hubby is out.

    I no they recommend it but 6 months is a long time
  • Thanks Sarah, its an awful decision-if he out grew his basket i'd be ok as there'd be no choice but he's got a swinging crib in our room which is pretty big.

    Im doing alot better though-slept really well between feeds last night and i don't feel guilty for leaving lo with oh for the afternoon so that i can catch up on some sleep xx
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