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SPD - Sympysis Pubic Dysfunction

Although i often pop into the Due in Sept threads , im new to these ones so hi to all... I've got a quick question im hopin someone might be able to help me with.. Have any of you suffered with SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction) during this or pevious pregnancies?I did in my last 2 pegnancies but as they were years ago (my youngest is 7) i had forgotten how painful it can get. ALthough i didnt get it as bad that i needed to use crutches, i still had to wear a brace.. Anyway, I am now only 19W 5D and already suffering symptoms of it again,, cant believe its come on me so fast this time.. and so painful! Was after 30 weeks pregnant last time when i got it...I've been onto my midwifes clinic this morning and they're referring me for physiotherapy, said i should hear from them by tues at the latest.... What im wondering is this - if any of you have had it, can you recommend anything in easing the pain till then? Anything one of you might have done and it helped... Im desperate for any advice now as im already so uncomfortable in bed, cant turn over without it hurting and walking is already so painful as i can feel my pubic bones rubbing off each other (tmi)....... I know its gonna all be worth it in the end - as i've said, i've already gone thru this twice and STILL got pregnant again knowing id more than likely go thru it again - but the thoughts of another 20 weeks in this pain is not nice!
Thanks guys xxxx


  • Hi Cheyni, my names Sarah, I am currently 37 weeks pregnant and have been suffering with S.P.D since i was 12 weeks I have a son who is 8 and i didnt suffer with this with him although he was 10lb 5oz which could be why i have it this time round, One piece of advice to you would be to ask to see a womans health specialist i was reffered to physio and saw a standard physio she didnt really have a clue all they did was give me several different belts which i cant wear when sitting down and told me to rest, i have since found out if i had seen specialist they may have been able to re-align my pelvis periodically through my pregnancy but this was not done.
    I have been on crutches for about 20 weeks and in a wheelchair when out of house for about 4 months now, resting really does help although having been doing nothing but this for 25 weeks now has become rather isolating not to mention boring!! My husband has been a rock he cooks cleans is full time worker and house husband as i'm litterally not allowed to and cant stand long enough to do anything.
    Another thing i would say (although i should probably listen to this piece of advice myself) is dont push on through even if you think your having a good day take it easy as you will regret it the day after if you dont, I am on high doses of medication and my consultant is currently trying to get me to let him admit me to hospital for extra pain management, but i'm not keen on the idea of going onto morphine as I am already on high doses of codein plus have my son to think about and dont want to leave my husband either.
    I know exactly what you mean about turning in bed it reduces me to tears most nights. I sleep on top of pillows, with a pillow between my knees and a wedge pillow under my bump to take the weight of it. I have to turn quite often as I find sleeping on either side for too long very uncomfortable, the advice i was given is to keep my legs together (if only i had done that 9 months ago!) use your hands to pull yourself over. There is a really good website which i found quite useful, I am trying to get the hospital to induce me early as cant go on like this much longer but either way only have 3 weeks till b day so all will be over soon,
    I hope that you get the help you need from physio remember to request womans heath specialist, Good luck with everything, hope something i've said has helped and not worried you more.
    Sarah x
  • Hi Sarah,

    Many thanks for your reply.. You poor thing. on crutches and having to use a wheelchair... Im really hoping i can do something about it before i end up that bad.. Two friends of mine ended up on crutches due to same thing... I just hope the hospital can hlp me out and soon, and im also looking into the Bowen Technique as i've read it helps the symptoms even more than physio does. A friend of mine does Bowen but she is SO busy at the moment she's doing her best to fit me in for a treatment... Hopefully this weekend. Am going to get myself a maternity pillow to see if tht helps in bed as thats when im finding the pain really bad... Im def gonna mention it to the physio about re-aligning my pelvis ....

    Thanks again for the reply and best of luck on the rest o your pregnancy (fingers crossed they'll induce you soon)

  • Saint Bertie (Mrs Takers) suffered with this a lot during her last pregnancy!! She's over in baby now, but maybe put a FAO post for her.

  • Saint Bertie (Mrs Takers) suffered with this a lot during her last pregnancy!! She's over in baby now, but maybe put a FAO post for her.

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