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morning ladies and toddlers ....well jack starts at our local welsh school in september and there is 37 in his class image so the teachers had to split them into mornings and afternoons so we had to put down what we would prefer! ...i put mornings then it doesnt eat into our afternoons and my friends who's son is the same age and their great mates put mornings too ...and WE BOTH GOT MORNINGS ...woohoooo im so exited now although a bit sad my baby is growing up he has his induction on 2nd july .....eek ....

just wanted to share image xxxxxxxx


  • really glad for you lisa. We found out that Kyan my eldest has got into the school of our choice last week and its a really good feeling. They do grow too soon though don't they. We need to enjoy our baby girls cause they will be big to before we know it!!!!
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