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need your help girls with potty training

Hi I really need some pointers and stories about potty training, and as you are all supermums thought you would be my best bet as i want nice sensible advice from girls i trust.

Background is they are 27months and will wee in the potty if I ask and they feel like it, they like having nappies of and pissing all over my lawn lol im very chilled but as they are so keen to have nappies off i think i need to start potty training (I have to gaffer tape there nappies on at night else they whip them off and piss all over the bed :roll: )

thanks in advance



  • lmao at the pissing on the lawn.
    I dont really have any advice as it was that long ago that we potty trained dd, we just used to have the potty about for her and take her nappy off and just kept asking her if she needed a wee all the time, we also got a special seat for the toilet so we could take her to that and she felt like a big girl and if she had an accident never told her off, it was the summer time when we did this so she was in the garden all the time and she just used to lift her skirt and wee in the garden all the time lil monkey and she was roughly about the age as your boys.

    Leo is 2 in sep and is the same loves to have his nappy off infact likes all his clothes off lol but he just wees everywhere he's just a little to young. Sorry not much help but didnt r&r good luck.
    vikki xx
  • :lol: gaffer tape the nappies on :lol: Dont actually know why I'm laughing, coz Isaac is 25 months now and its getting to the time where I am thinking its about time for him to start potty training, think I may leave it till the warmer weather, also I finish work in June so will have more time then (trying to duck out of it already) All I will say is that in my experience of potty training, when boys say they need a wee it either means I need it right now or I have already done it, it is like you need to remind them they need to go, my girls both practically potty trained themselves and were reliable straight away.

    I dont think its called 'potty' training for nothing image
  • hi girls
    my charlie was sooo good he just decided he'd use potty as we had one in our house for his cousin from when charlie was 3 months old so he knew exactly what it was for lol

    nlow mai is a moo bag im trying to train her but she can pee for england!!! she will only use big girl toilet so on she goes has a wee then 2 mins later theres a puddle in the front room lol she really just goes every two mins lol!!! my tips are dont get cross but try not to laugh either. let them be in wet pants for a few mins so they know it doesnt feel nice. and try a star chart sometimes they work although mai isnt really bothered at all. shes nearly 30 mnths but i refuse to push her into something she isnt ready for. xxxx
  • hi i found with owen to give him a chocolate button evey time he sat on his potty helped him he was fully potty trained with in 2weeks hope that helps you
    mandy xx
  • the gina ford book for potty training is good. I hare the woman as she makes you feel like a failure if you dont follow her way but, the potty training one makes sense.
    The kids have to be able to undress and dress themselves before you even think of starting...makes sense really.
    she says have 2 potties indentical (for you that would be 4) so that you dont have to race up and down stairs if they suddenly want thier thomas potty and refuse to sit on winnie the pooh... lol
    also, they say the pull ups are a waste of time..just decide the day you are doing it and do it..

    Boys are much much harder than boys. They dont seem to like to poo on potties or toilets. My 5 yr old still has skiddies......

    A reward chart OR as peach said..choc buttons etc.. really help too.

    good luck and have a bucket of dettol and a cloth on hand all day long...

    ooh one more thing. do it when you can stay in at least for 4 days as going it is hard work.

    D xxx
  • Oh poo (lovely pun!), just lost my reply!
    Dee, you've confused me, are boys or girls easier to train??!
    My ds1 was dry in a week at 26m old by just swappin nappy for undies and makin a big fuss wearin his big boy pants (with no trousers, just undies).
    Ds2 was 30m ish but went straight on the loo, copying his older bro.
    Gracie's 17m and I think I'll give her a go over summer, but just to get her used to it. Anyone had a girl dry at a young age??
  • I found dd fairly easy, had a few false starts b4 she was really ready but found she hardly had any accidents once we got her wearing pants all day(although that may just be rose tinted specs lol). Summertime is obviously easier because they can run about with very few clothes on.
    With ds (he's 2 1/2) i am really struggling he refuses point blank to sit on potty now and will actually ask for a nappy on so he can pee in it! Thought seein dd using toilet would make it easier but he is a stubborn little man! Just hoping he'll be out of nappies before no 3 arrives in October as don't want to go back to having 2 in nappies!
    From speaking to friends it really does depend on the child, general consensus is girls are easier than boys but know some friends who found their ds's easier!
    I found that pull-ups are no good for potty training dd found them too difficult to pull down in time but like to use them as a step up from nappies getting them used to stepping into them like pants, thought the feel and learn ones were a waste of money though!
    One tip a friend of mine gave me was to pee in the potty yourself in front of them, she swore it worked but i've yet to try it myself lol!
  • ha sorry!!! meant to say girls are easier than boys...well in my case anyway.

    DD1 was fully dry day and night before she was 2..
    sons tend to have been two and a half to 3 for day and towards 4 for night.

    will start Amelia at xmas time if she shows interest,. She will be 2 end of Feb...

    sometimes its best just to go for messing,,,no big fuss,,,just pants and once they have weed and pooed a few times they soon learn..

    d xx
  • meant to way would my arse fit on a potty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • mine neither dee :lol:

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  • defo not mine either i would probably pee all the floor lol that would be setting a good example lmao
    vikki xx
  • :lol: vikki, that reminds me of when I was potty training Alice, she had got up early in the morning and obviously decided not to wake us when she needed a wee, instead of getting her potty from the bathroom, she decided that she would use baby borns dolls potty as it was in her room, overflowing was not the word, it was like a waterfall :lol:
  • lmao they do the funniest of things dont they,dd decided to pee in her babys bathtub one night because she was desperate to go ans then hid it i could smell wee but couldnt find it then about 3 days later she ownes up lol
    vikki xx
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