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Sleep or lack of it, please help

Isaac has just turned 2 and has always been in a good routine and been a good sleeper, however we have just put him into a bed which started off really well, he did get out a few times and play with his toys in his room but soon went back to bed and slept. 4 weeks on and I am going insane, he has now started refusing to stay in his bed, each time I go out the room he just gets up and comes out onto the landing, I have tried lifting him up without a word and putting him back to bed but after several hours of going back upstairs I wondered whether ignoring him completely was a better (and less knackering) option, well last night that lasted 4 hours, he was still stood at the top of the stairs having a tantrum at 10.30 pm, eventually I went to bed and he obviously did too, but then he was up at 5am doing the same thing, we are both absolutely shattered, he should be in bed for his afternoon nap now, I put him to bed at 12.15 but he is still at the top of the stairs and has started throwing things down. What can I do to get him to stay in bed, I am going mad with lack of sleep. I did think about putting him back in his cot but he has started trying to climb out of it and frequently got his leg stuck over the top bar, as he has hypermobile joints he has a higher risk of dislocation so I darent put him back in the cot incase he dislocates his hip trying to get out.

Please help I really need a decent nights sleep.


  • Hi Ben is 21mths and for the last 2/3 weeks started doing this also..out of bed EVERY time I put him back and out onto landing looking down at me sometimes throws the odd toy down also!!
    He does not bother or cry but will just NOT stay put and this like you say can go on from putting him to bed at 7pm till gone 10pm,then he too is waking early wanting to play and im knackered lol
    I have found if I cut his afternoon nap out he will go to sleep better,ok,he still comes out onto landing ect but the last 2 nights I tried this he was back in bed within 20mins of going up to bed!so much better!still up early though!
    Yesterday we were out and about abit so he slept in the car and last night he was up till 10pm again so it does seem to work,though it is early days.
    Im also trying to get a gate for his doorway,but its very narrow so the one I had from the bottom of stairs wont fit..Maybe you could try putting a gate onto his doorway?im hoping if he cant get out and see me he wont bother the same,though im expecting tears and tantrums when this happens!
    Im also going to put a blanket up at his window tonight in the hope it will prevent him raising so early,I do have blackout covers on his curtains but they are not that good and still let in alot of light,maybe you could try this,if you have not already?
    Hope you get some help and things improve for you!I know how annoying and tiring it on my own so no one to take over,so I must admit I have just started to leave him sat on the landing till he gives up and puts himself to bed,but Its not ideal and not a habit I want him to get can't really relax when hes shouting Hello Mummy and throwing toys down the stairs lol x
  • the only advice I can offer is get a stair gate! I haven't taken my 20month old our of cot yet for fear of keep getting out of bed, but i've always had a gate on his door so I could put him in his room safely to play while I shower next door
  • i have just put my 18 month old into her bed for the first time tonight but i have a stair gate on her room door, she went down fine, no problems and even if she does get up im not too worried as i removed all her toys from her room so she wont have anything to play with so there is no incentive to get up. xxxx
  • yeh i would prob suggest putting a stair gate up at the door and has he got a side part to stop him falling out of bed if not this may help? My lo is 2 in august and still in bed i dred the day when i put her in bed and she pulls all her clothes out of the draws and starts jumping on her bed lol! x
  • You poor thing, sleep depravation is the worst. Reece is and always has been a crap sleeper, so I know how you feel. Like the others said a stair gate on his room so he cantt escape from there may help. Have you thought about cutting out his daytime sleep? Reece stopped his at 1 1/2 and I get so jealous of people who have 2 year olds that still have a nap! The other thing you could maybe try is a reward chart. Reece gets a sticker every morning when he has stayed in his big boys bed. We get ones in animal shapes and he is happy at the moment chosing one as a reward, when he gets a bit more sussed I wil let him exchange so many stickers for something he wants. Good luck xx
  • We have put a stair gate on to his bedroom door, the trouble is that he is so noisy he wakes the others up too. Also our walls are all plasterboard so when he is rocking on the stairgate to try and open it, it is starting to pull away from the wall. He wasnt so bad lastnight and had gone down by 8.30pm although he was up at 5 again this morning. I thought about cutting out his daytime nap but that makes him over tired and he is even worse then. One friend suggested getting a bolt for his door so he cant open it but that feels a bit mean.
  • My friend used to wedge a book between the door handle and the gate to stop her little girl opening the door. Might be worth a go x
  • A friend told us that a door knob rather than a handle can help as if they are big enough to reach the handle they will always be able to use gravity to open the door, but a door knob is harder, we've put these on the baby's bedroom door although he's still in his cot I'm hoping it will help when the time comes
  • Last night was much better, he was asleep by 7.30 and didnt wake till just gone 6 this morning, hopefully hes getting the message. x
  • glad you got a bit of sleep last night hun. xxxxxx
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