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Back home after egg collection

Well, back home (and a bit sore) after egg collection this morning. Was sooooo nervous but it actually wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It only took 15-20 minutes and I pretty much slept through it! Bit woozy after, then had the obligatory (sp!) tea + toast, and back home now to be waited on hand and foot. Hubby out getting some treats!
They got 8 eggs and said that was a pretty good number. Get a phone call in the morning to see how they're all getting on!
Fingers crossed we get some embryos and can go for transfer on Monday.

It's going to be a long weekend!
JCB xxx


  • Hi JCB

    So glad it went ok for you image

    Can i ask you a quick question, i've never had a local anaesthetic where do they inject it. Sense would say local to the area but i'm not sure!

    Good Luck with Transfer xxxx
  • Well done honey, first bit over with,

    Really hope they do well for you over the weekend, hope you have some good news today,

    Gem x
  • Thanks Gem and Fairy.
    Fairy-they give you a strong morphine-like painkiller and an anaesthetic drug (although in a sedating dose rather than an anaesthetic dose), intravenously. That makes you sleep usually. Then they inject local anaesthetic internally near both ovaries via a needle on the end of an ultrasound probe.
    Hope that makes sense. They start with low doses and increase if you need more. The aim is to be sleepy and not sore.
    It really wasn't too bad. I slept loads yesterday-quite sore once the drugs had worn off but I haven't taken anything for it.
    JCB x
  • Hi JCB

    Have replied on your LTTTC thread but thought I'd add your dates to the calendar thread here - hope that's ok?

  • Hope all goes well for you. x
  • Thanks DaisyGirl
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