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Started IVF injections today!

Hi girls,
Unfortunately our last natural attempt was unsuccessful and Monday was CD1. I was due to start IVF this cycle so I attended for a pre-treatment scan and chat today. They did the scan which showed 14 follicles (which apparently is quite good), and passed a fine tube as a 'dummy transfer' (quite sore).
They then told me they were going to do the short protocol with me, which is 4 weeks. This meant starting drugs today rather than in 3 weeks time, and I also don't get the down-regulating drugs, therefore minimising the risk of over-stimulation. This protocol had only been mentioned briefly to me last week and I didn't think I'd be starting as soon as today!
Really pleased as we will know the outcome in about 4 weeks, rather than the 9 weeks I was expecting. Also had to switch almost ??4000 for the pleasure!!!

I'm praying this will work and will be counting on lots of good vibes from you lot !



  • That sounds like the same as I'll be doing after my next period- you have explained it much better than the docs!!!!!

    All the very best JCB- I really hope you move off this page and onto pregnancy very soon image

    Take care and keep updating.....

  • Hi there!
    Its so exciting strating the injections. We had 1 cycle of IVF & I found out last week there are 3 heart beats...triplets!!!! I never believed it would happen...have faith!! :roll:
    I too self funded & thought of all the nice things I could have put the money to :lol: Hang in there it will all be worth it xxx
  • Thanks Emma and Wooly.
    OMG-triplets??? Does that mean that 3 embryos were put back? At my hospital, you're only allowed 1 or 2!
    What wonderful news.

    Emma-when do you start again? Will keep you posted with how we get on. Praying that month 20 is our turn.

  • Hey JCB,

    Well done on starting the injections that is so exciting! everything crossed for you! I am on short cycle too, but not till August. Having to pay as well as I'm in Ireland and it's not free here at all.

    Congrats Wooly! three babies all at once! you lucky thing!!

    Lucille XX
  • A huge basket of good vibes on its way.
    Am liking the idea of the short protocol ....
    Good luck keep up posted
  • HI JCB, I've replied more fully on LTTTC, but just a wee note to say 'YEY!' and good luck with all that lies ahead. Here's to a lovely BIG FAT POSITIVE soon! xx
  • hi laides, my name is stacey. im 21 and am currently having to wait until im 23 to be funded for ICSI, so another 2 yrs, DH and i have been trynig for 3 yrs now, he has low sperm count. im starting to lose faith in the whole process now.just wanted some owrds of encouragement lol. sorry.
    im petrified of needles but cant wait to start them, how bad are they? is it worth using a numbing cream ?xx
    and how do you deal with other ppl tellnig you they are pregnant??
    lots of luck
    Mrs E xx

  • Hi Mrs E,
    Sorry to hear your troubles, I know there's nothing any of us can say to make you feel better.
    Regarding the IVF injections, they really aren't too sore. You could ask for Emla cream to try to numb the area but you probably won't need that. The needles are very fine, and I think remembering why we're doing this helps get you through.
    Hope you're keeping well,
  • Hope all goes well for you! I too did a short protocol this time and am 7 weeks pregnant! So hang in there! I wish you all the best! X
  • Sorry JCB been off for a bit- we start again either in June of July (all dependent on my natural cysle which is quite erratic).

    Hope everyone's doing alright on here xx
  • Just wanted to wish you luck we had IVF i am now 27weeks pg now xxx
  • Thanks Annette and Mandy,
    Congratulations on your pregnancies-it's always good to hear of positive outcomes!
    JCB x
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