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How long will baby last in pram mode for?

I really like the ICandy Cherry pram but been reading that the carrycot is quite small so most babies seem to grow out of it at 3-4 months.

Just wondering how long a baby will actually 'want' to be in pram for anyway as I keep reading that they should only stay in them until they can sit up anyway. When does that tend to happen?



  • We had a silvercross too, although there was lots of room still for my LO she wanted to sit up and we started using the pushchair at 11 weeks x
  • i have a quinny buzz and i used the carrycot till daisy was about 4 months by 3 months she wanted to look around it was only me being in denial she was growing up that i carried on till 4 months. for me a carrycot is a MUST HAVE newborns are more comfy and 'prams' are for newborns pushchairs are for older babies!! lol i loved pushing my pram felt so proud xxx
  • I had a mammas and papas 7 in one travel system and lo stayed in the pram bit till he was about 8 months, he was sitting at 5 1/2 but we added reigns to it so he could sit up in pram, then we changed it to push chair type at 8months and we still use it for him now and he's 20months (yes he can walk very well but if we're out doing lots of walking we still take push chair)

    It was very expensive at around ??800 but its been well worth it as you can put the pram bit on a stand to make a moses basket type thing, and the car seat can also go on pram base for short shop visits.

    the only thing I'd say was a waste of money was the actual car seat itself as its so heavy to carry and then he grew out of it by 7months and had to buy bigger one
  • Thanks ladies. Baby being able to stay in pram mode for as long as they want is really important to me - esp as it will be winter (due Sept)

    Am worried the Cherry won't last long enough so thinking the Mothercare MyChoice might be better as the pram mode on that is really big. Also then we could maybe use it in the lounge for naps once baby outgrows the moses basket.

    Choosing prams is SO hard!
  • We have a Mothercare My Choice, which we got just last week when they changed it after we had had loads of probs with a Hauck Jeep Cruiser. At 6 months Cally no longer needs the carrycot on the my choice although it is quite big. It is lovely to push and I like everything about it except the shopping basket - it is a bag instead of a basket and doesn't really hold a lot, plus it is awkward to get into cos of the way the flap lifts up. When I saw it in the shop I thought that would be ok, but I do find it a bit of a pain. If you need to carry a lot when out it's not brilliant.
    Alison xx
  • Hi Baby B, we have the Mothercare My3 (the original MyChoice) and my LO still sleeps in it in pram mode - and he's 13 months today!!! Its a really spacious seat unit, and we simply convert it to a pushchair when out and about, but can then still lie it completely flat when he's having a nap. He's only just about to outgrow it, and he's by no means a small chap!! Hope that helps!!
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