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Double buggy?

I'm thinking of No 2 and planning a 2 and a bit year gap so youngest my LO would be is 2 years 3 months. Will I need a double buggy or will a buggy board do? We have the car so don't have to walk everywhere. How long will I need a double for if I do?


  • My son is 26months and i have him in a double buggy, most people just say get a buggy board but some kids just refuse to stand on them, and they only realy work on some buggys, i bought the 'safety 1st' double buggy, its realy light, not to long and folds realy wee, cost me 140quid which is quite cheep for a double buggy

  • Ill have 26 months between m????ne and have bought a ph????l and teds, that way ????t can be used as a s????ngle when myeldest doesnt need ????t anymore. At the moment theres no way he w????ll walk ????n the d????rect????on I want for long enough and he wont go on a buggy board.
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