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2 1/2 and still not trained

Hi, I have a 2 1/2 DD and a 9 week old baby.
I introduced my 2 1/2 to the potty when she was about 18 months old, she is fine to wee and poo there etc but still wee in her pull ups. I have tried several times with her to just wear knickers, but I end up with so many accidents in the day, that I have ended up putting her back in pull ups. since the baby came along I dodn't make too much fuss, but I am trying again and still feel like I am loosing the battle. I have just bought a pink loo seat online (due to arrive in the next few days) so I hope that that may help, she will wee etc in the loo occassionally..........
Anyone else having the same problem?:roll:


  • My son is 26months and i have a 7month old daughter, my son is petrifed of the potty, as soon as he sees it he screams, he wont even pee n the toilet, he doesnt have any males to help him etc so i dont know what to do either, i stil have my son in nappys cause he pees that much a pull up is rubbish and is full and falls off after 2 wee's. its a loosing battle lol

  • I hope things work out for you soon! This potty training thing is a nightmare!
  • ive had three kids and let me tell you every child is different.i trained one in a week the other took forever in terms of poo and my wee boy well that was hillarious.i learned to let go of timelines and everytime they used the loo made out it was the best thing ever.they will go to the loo and after all pull ups no bad thing .i find all parents panic due to giving themselves timelines relax and dont worry it will happen.wait till theyre teens then youll be wishing they needed toilet trainig lol xxxxhope you ok and dont worry too much.
  • how do you cope out and about? do you put them back in pull ups or just take lots of extra pants etc incase of accidents..? I am wondering whether to take the risk and just let her have 'accidents' to see if she gets the message that way.... or am I being mean?!
  • girls are pretty cute when it comes to being uncomfortable.i let mine have her accidents for a while and it got to stage where she got fed up with poo in her pants.boys on other hand well a gentle nudge is needed, they dont really care lol my son used to piddle up against on particular part of the fence during summer!!! it took persuasion to get him to use loo.just bring extra pull ups and dont be too quick to change her ,i know you dont want her sore but she will get messege.hope you ok and try not to worryxxxx
  • thanks for the advice x
  • I just take spare and poo bags with me whereever i go, havent gone down the pull up route as worry that will confuse them.

    Grace_Ruby could you buy her some brand new pants and say that they are for big girls now as big girls like mummy do use the potty whereas babys use nappies. my boys like the idea they are big and baby is small if that makes sense.

    good luck

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