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last night my lo judt did not want togo into her bed, after a few mins crying she fell asleet, then she woke up about a half hour later screaming. she just would not go into her cot bedshe was clinging ont me for dear life. I took her into my bed to lie down and she fell asleep right away but when i moved her back into the cotbed the same thing happend. I ended up taking her into my bed about 8:30 and again she fell asleep right away. me and hubby took turns for just over an hour lying with her, when she was in a deep sleep i moved her back and she was fine but we had to go through the same thing at 4.30 this morn. Anyone any siggestions please.


  • we have just come back now from buying a bed guard and some bits and pieces so we are gonna all go up together to put it on and have some playtime in her room as this is not something we normally do. hopefully she will see that her bed and room and nor bad places to be, although this might not be the answer anything is worth a try
  • weel would you believe it, after 2 nights of fighting to go into her cot bed, we took it down and got her a ready bed. she went in no crying no fighting nothing, i just had to lye with her a while til hse fell asleep.
  • hiya persivere with this and dontgive in! Lewis will be 2 on Tue and he sleeps with us all the time as i did what you did and he has never made it back to his own bed!
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