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Flying with my toddler soon. Any tips??

Im flying to Ireland with my 18 month old in a couple of weeks and its just the two of us going. He is usually a well behaved wee man but like all toddlers cant sit still for 2 minutes and im stressing he is going to go nuts having to sit on my knee for so long.

Any tips would be great so I can be well prepared. Also whats the policies on food, water etc. Will I have to buy everything for him eat and drink at the airport after iv been through security?



  • i posted a similar post to this yesterday cause im going to be flyin with my 2 year old son and 7 month old daughter, i did phone up the airline and ask, you are aloud to take baby food on board if you have an infant with you and you are aloud to take mailk but you will be asked to taste it before going through security. You are aloud to take a pushchair right up to the plane door with you and then they take it and store it in the hold and you wont be able to get it back till you go to collect you lugage, any other questions im sure ive asked them lol

  • My sister has recently flown to Majorca with her 2 & 4 year old (with her OH too). I'll have to ask her to see what she recommends!
  • Hi Denise! I'm flying next week with my lo who is 20 months. I flew with her (14 hrs!) last August and I took water in her bottles and powder to make up formula and I had to taste both. This time I don't need formula so I'll buy toddler milk for the flight from Boots on the other side of security. She will drink water like me from on the plane and any other drink she may need.
    As regard for keeping them entertained, just let him have a wonder up and down the aisle when the crew arent' serving. You'll stress both of you if you try to keep him on your knee for the duration, The crew don't normally mind as long as you aren't in their way.
    Other than that, a couple of toys/books etc brought out one at a time help to keep them amused!
    Best of luck and have a fab time!
  • I took lots of snacks to keep lo happy and quiet toys when we flew to spain in feb. Also walked up n down aisle a few times and he just sat playing peek a boo with the ppl behind us ha ha. We bought drinks after going through security but were fine taking food for him. x
  • Thanks girls, you have all been really helpful.

    I cant wait to go. Im visiting my friend who lives there now. She is 7 months pregnant with her first and I hope I dont get all broody seeing her bump!!
  • Hi Denise

    We took Kady to Tenerife in Feb when he was 18months and the best thing we took for the flight was the aquadraw sets and sticker books. We didn't show them him beforehand so it was a new novelty and it kept him occupied for a good while.
    We didn't let him get down in the isles for the fear of him kicking up a barney when trying to get him back to the seat so kept him with us but it wasn't hard really. He was quite content playing with his new things and gawping at other people on the seats behind lol.

    Hope you have a great time hun xxx
  • not sure who you are flying with but if you can, pay extra for priority boarding. We flew with ryanair last month to Sweden & for the extra money we got to get on the plane first & we took the last row 3 seats. Even though lo wasn't yet two & the plane was 99% full no one (obviously) fancied sitting next to a toddler so lo ended up with his own seat both ways. image

    So I suggest you do the same, cause even if it is full you will get your pick of seats before the masses. Also don't' take the window seat, always take the isle cause if lo does get ansty or pukes, needs nappy change etc you can get out quickly & if there are spare seats, sitting with lo in the end will make other passengers think twice about sitting next to you.

    I also took quite a few toys, like cars, books, coloring pencils but only let lo have one at a time & when I noticed him getting bored with one, swapped it over & he got distracted by the new one.
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