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what are you doing with

the younger age toys?

ive got a bounce and spin zebra and a car shape walker was thinking about selling them as he doesnt use tha walker and the zebra hardly gets used,where do you think would be the best place to sell them,maybe a car boot as i dont sell things on ebay??? hhhmmmm

ive got loads to go to the charity shop but these things werent that cheap it would be nice to get some thing back,then im thinking do i save them in the loft for my next one when we finally get pregnant again

bit of a pointless post i suppose but i was just wondering what you have all been doing with the younger stuff,Lennons 2 next week so obviously getting more and more toys


  • Hey hun, i am keeping all the things that brandon used loads and getting rid of the ones he found boring, im affraid the bounce and spin zebra is one of the boring ones i thought he would love it as it is bouncy and spiny because he loved his jumperoo so much but i think he sat on it twice lol!! Brandons 2 next wednesday, dont they grow up fast?!
    i would say a carboot as everything i have sold up until we started trying for another has sold well and at good prices!
    hope this helps and hope we are both in the pregnancy forums soon xx
  • i am keeping everything! i just think that no matter how much or little they cost the next baby can use them and save me having to buy stuff all over again. xxx
  • Hi Grudie,
    I am keeping the toys Neve liked and the rest I have been either giving to a charity shop or putting on Ebay.
  • Hi Grudie,

    I am keeping everything - that way I won't have to buy everything all over again when baby number two finally come along.
  • I am also keeping most of Kara's stuff for number two as they might as well get use of them and will save me money. Smaller things that I know other children might not use I will just give to a charity shop mybe but I haven't parted with anything yet.
  • thanks for the replys ladies

    ive kept some stuff but i was just thinking if i kept everything our second wont have much new stuff and then id be stuck for getting them things when it came to birthdays,xmas etc and then id have toys apon toys lol

    i was even stuck for lennons birthday this year

    oh and mummy2brandydandy Lennon is 2 on wednesday as well image
  • awh bless our boys are turning in to little men!!
    i was stuck for brandons birthday this year aswell, he already has most things lol but we have got a trampoline,slide and lots of handy manny bits n bobs!! i cant wait to see his face when opening his presents image xx
  • My sil has a little who's about 12 months younger than rhys so all the things he's outgrowing are off to him as they are all still like new.
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