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Hi ladies

Tyler will be 1 on 19th June and I really struggle to get water down him. He dosnt like any of the baby juices (the only one he would drink was Heinz pear juice but has now started refusing it)

The thing is he will drink cordial (sp?) - I caught him drinking Isaacs, but I dont know if its ok for him to have that. My other 2 had water till about 2 yrs old. Do I give him very watered down cordial (I buy Robinsons fruit and barley)

He gets whingy after meals and Im sure its coz hes thirsty.

pls help. xx

Elaine & boys xx


  • Cole has had robinsons no added sugar juice since before he was 1 - he won't drink water either (dont blame him..i hate it too) - i've bought the baby juice for him when he was smaller but he'd never drink it. honestly I don't see how it can do any harm so long as its watered down well.

    I've seen some people say that the aspartamine used as a sweetner isntead of sugar can be bad for lo's but i'm mildly allergic to aspartamine and i still drink diet stuff rather than sugary stuff.

  • I give James watered down fresh juice very watered down (he loves pinapple) also the Innocent fruit smootis for kids again very watered down.
  • I always give Kara Robinsons Mi Wade no added Sugar. I dont blame them not drinking water as its rotten.
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