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Another question about me stressing about Charlotte's walking (or rather non walking).

She has started to walk more whilst holding our hands which is a good sign although she does seem quite wobbly and she always walks on her tiptoes. She also stands and cruises on her toes. I've tried to get her to put her heels down but she wont. Is this normal to walk/cruise like this at first?

My pil's & my dad keep saying she's not got enough strength in her legs and being on tiptoes isn't right.

Can someone please help put my mind at rest....? :\(


  • Hi, I replied in baby but will paste here too.

    Hi, Isaac didnt walk till he was 19 months, he was referred to a paediatrician becuase he was cruising but when he did he was on tiptoes, he saw the paediatricain who explained that Isaac has hypermobile joint syndrome, which basically means that his joints have a greater range of movement than normal, as a consequence the muscles are not always strong enough to support the joint. The reason he was on tiptoes was becuase if you stand with your feet flat on the floor your brain is not always aware, wheras if you stand on tiptoes it makes your brain more aware of what your feet are doing. I had to try it to understand what he was saying. Anyway he recommended getting a good supportive pair of boots for Isaac to help stabilise him and it did work, although it does cost me a fortune in shoes becuase clarks are just not supportive enough and the soles are too flexible and so dont stop the tip toeing. Withing a few weeks of getting his boots he was standing alone and soon took a few steps, it did take him a good 8 weeks to get confident but there is not stopping him now, although if he has his shoes off he does tend to get back on his tip toes
  • Floyd has been walking since a week after his first birthday. When he first started cruising around furniture etc he did it on tiptoes, and now occaisionally he will walk on his tiptoes but not that often. i also no a few other children who walk on the tiptoes some times.
    If you are worried then speak to hv or gp as there could be more of a problem!!!
  • Don't want to worry you but it's definitely something you should get checked out by the dr as with most things if it's something that needs correcting you're always better to catch it earlier. It is quite common and am pretty sure it's just something to do with the ligaments, otherwise she may just be experimenting but personally I'd get it checked jic
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