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Can someone help me....

...find a Little Tikes Whale Teeter Totter / Seesaw??!!

I've looked on their web-site and they don't sell them via there. Checked ebay and they only do pick up and are mainly used. I would like new preferably. On Amazon they are out of stock. Looked on other sites and just can't find one! Checked Toys R Us for a normal plastic seesaw and can't see one?

I've ordered her a Little Tikes rocker from Argos. We have no outdoors toys for her and she only has a big ball to play with which she gets bored with after 5 mins.

Got to make the most of the summer before it vanishes image


  • I've had a look on the toy sites that I use and it seems to be out of stock everywhere. On googling it there don't seem to be any in stock. It might be worth looking elsewhere to see if anyone else makes something similar. I'm on the look out too for some garden toys...everything seems so expensive for what you get! Hope you find Charlotte something nice. xx
  • Rubbish eh! I want a Smoby Winnie the Pooh Tree House and Ball Pit and can't find on in stock anywhere.
  • We tried to get one for rhys for his birthday and couldn't see any on any websites, however when we went into toys r us they had loads. Rhys's is a big purple seal and he loves it. If u have one local it may be worth going instore as they have there own ranges of plastic see saws.
    We're after a little slide but had loads of trouble trying to find one of them too x
  • Thanks becci boo - we have one near us so if get chance will take a look. Have got her the rocker from Argos but she likes seesaws and then her cousins can play with her on it.
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