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He is nearly 2...

Hi Everyone- I am after some advice please. My little boy will be 2 in june. I have another baby due in aug. He shows no interest in the potty. He hates having his nappy changed most of the time and seems quite content to sit in his own poo and wee. I have seen some posts that say there are signs that he is ready. Has anyone got advice as to whether I should try to potty train him now or what signs I should be looking for please?
Abbie xxx


  • hi personally i would leave it till after baby is born as he is not showing any signs. I started potty training when my twins were 26 months as they were showing signs, they would tell me before they went for a poo, would wee in the potty and didnt like being in nappies. it is not unusual for boys to be nearer 3 and with the upheaval of a new baby i think it would be best to wait until you have everything back to some normality. I have another baby due in dec and have been warned that the boys may regress and have accidents.

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