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Sorry, another potty training question....

Hi ladies, I'm back to pick your experienced brains again.
My lo is two and has been potty training for a while now. Nursery decided she was ready for big girl knickers and by day two she was clean and dry. They say she has never asked for the potty but they put her on every 1/2 hour which has now increased to 1-1.5 hrs. She only goes to nursery two full days per week.

At home I have only had a few days with no accidents, and she nearly always does her poo in her knickers. I don't make a fuss and just say 'let's try and do it in the potty next time' but just recently she has started to wet herself too. I feel that she should be asking for the potty now instead of my insisting she sits there every 1.5hrs, but she has started to resist going to the potty and has recently had a few really bad days of wetting herself loads.

Help! I even let her run around naked for a while today with the potty in sight but she still choose to pee down her legs. What am I doing wrong?

36+4. x


  • Hi,

    my lo is 17 months old andI haven't really started seriously with the potty but didn't want to read and run!

    He's just getting used to seeing the potty there and has used it twice but will usually prefer to poo or wee wherever he happens to be.

    I read a bit of the Gina Ford Potty Train in a Week book and from what I read it seems to make perfect sense - it may be worth a look!!

    It sounds to me as though she's just not quite ready yet - the book tells you loads of points to look before you try potty training.

    Hope someone can give you some proper advice and good luck!

  • hmmmmmmm difficult one .
    My lo is just coming up to 2 and is showing loads of signs of being ready to do potty training.She tells me most of the time when she needs a wee but hasn't yet managed to do a poo on her potty !!

    I think personally that your little isn't ready as yet and she should be put back in nappies for a month or so and then try again when she is showing the signs of knowing what she is doing.
    Is it the nursery that think she is ready - do they just have a set age they want to do it ?
    You could do more damage by pushing her to be potty trained before she is ready.

    Good luck with whatever you decide.
    I am going to try potty training Eve in a few weeks and am dreading it .

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