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Has anyone used this website? I ordered a toy for Charlotte and now wish I hadn't! it was supposed to come within 2-3 working days and that was 10 days ago. I've sent an e-mail stating I wish to cancel the order etc. They shouldn't have took money off my credit card until item despatched......but I know they will say they have and it's got lost in the post!:roll:

There is no contact number for them and the address is a PO box which I also find a bit suspect. Also seen some bad reviews on the net about items not turning up etc.

Wish I'd bloody checked 1st. Seen the same toy in our local Mothercare store too for cheaper!:x

OH said he will jump on the bandwagon once i've checked if they reply to my mail. Hope I haven't been ripped off, feel a bit stupid for not checking on them 1st imageops:


Well about a week after I sent the email wanting to cancel this order I get a call this morning as put contact number on order.

The woman said my order had not been processed cos I had not put any credit card details online. I told her I had as I double check these sort of things and I had received an order confirmation from them inc the last 4 numbers of my credit card (rest blanked out). She then said she could process the order for me if I gave her my credit card details over the phone! I said no way was I doing that cos she could be anybody, so she replied I would not be getting the toy then. I said fine cos I wanted to cancel the order anyway cos of their useless service!

Does she think I would have been daft enough to give cc details over the phone to someone who could be a scammer

Still don't know if this company is legit or not. I would advise to stay away from them. And I am defo checking my cc statement when it comes!!

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