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Pregnancy Hormones following MMC and ERPC

Hi Girls

Wonder if you can help me with something?

Following a MMC and ERPC Op on Tuesday 26th May, I was wondering how long it takes for the pregnancy hormones levels to drop?

I had read somewhere that taking a HPT was one of the ways that you can check this as the Doctors / Hospital have not said anything about checking my blood to make sure this is happening.

Almost a week after the ERPC I have just done a Clear Blue test and it is still showing a positive result???

Is this normal?

Thanks Girls

C xx


  • Hi hun!

    I had an ERPC on 18th May following a MMC! Like you, I was not told anything about hormone levels by the doctors, but I did a HPT 8 days after my ERPC and it came up negative! I have read lots of posts about this and it seems everyone has completely different experiences! How far along were you when you had the mc?? I got to 12 weeks and found out the baby had died at 9 weeks, so I would have thought my hormone levels would be quite high- but it only took a week for them to disappear! Its very confusing isn't it! But I think its normal for the pregnancy hormone to show up for several weeks after a mc- keep testing and hope you get your BFN soon!! x
  • Sorry to hear about your loss. I had a MMC at 9wks and then an ERPC on the 25th March. Didn't get a BFN till over 3wks later and no AF for over 7wks! I felt so impatient, just wanted my body to do something normal. It will happen, it's strange to want a BFN so much eh?!
    Good luck
  • Hi, I was 8 weeks (bean died at 5-6), it took me 10 days to get BFN after ERPC. I'm still waitning for my body to kick back into a routine, it's sooo fustrating!!!
  • So sorry to hear your is so awful and such a rollercoaster.

    I had MC a couple of weeks ago and am waiting for negative on HPT. Test 1 week on was still very positive and was supposed to test again Wed but I wimped, and wimped yesterday and today....had an exam so just couldn't cope with the extra stress.

    I was told that it was worth keep testing, partly for dating and partly because it may indicate whether anything remains. Good luck


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