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Grace and I

Hey ladies, sorry it has been so long in my being on here. Have had so much going on.

Well, update on Grace..
She is 10 months old now and growing lovely, except her weight. She is long but in 2 months she has gained less than a pound. She is 16lb 1oz. She has only just doubled her birth weight.

She has just been diagnosed as epileptic as well so it has been all go here on that front. She seems happy enough but I am concerned about her weight. She isn't eating much and won't drink her milk, all she wants is juice.

Me, well, I am being checked out as they think I have MS. I am falling over, twitching and lots of other silly stuff.
I'm a bit scared by it all, and it all seems to be happening at once as well.


  • Hi Elsbeth

    I am afraid I have no advice or experience whatsoever but just wanted to say I hope you get the love and support you need through what must be a very worrying time for you.

  • Kids do go through fazes and some kids can be skinny little mites but honestly if you are really worried see your doctor about it and if one doctor doesn't listen just keep going.
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