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Bleeding at 6 weeks pregnant

I had a little bleeding late last night when I went to the toilet so hubby took me striaght up to A&E. They did a urine test and luckily I have no signs of infection. They also did a pregnancy test which is still positive and also some bloods. When the doctor examined me and was a little concerned that I had some discomfort in my left side. They also did an internal examination to see if they could find the source of the bleeding and luckily my cervix is firmly shut and there is no signs of further bleeding. They want me to have an early scan to check where my baby is because at this stage they can't rule out an eptopic pregnancy. All the other signs are really good and I've had no further bleeding today but I'm so scared I'm going to lose our baby.


  • oh hun what a nightmare for you x

    keep positive and hope all goes well.

  • sorry to hear you are having though time. do you know when scan is? I had a possible epotpic (althou they didnt tell me that until they started the scan!) I was given scan at 7+2. good luck keep us up to date, have fingers crossed for you xx
  • I'm waiting to hear how high my hCG levels are from my blood test, when they are over 1000 I will be scanned. Hopefully 1st thing monday they will call me in. I'm only 6+1 so may have to wait a few days x
  • Hey hun,

    What a worrying time for you. I really hope everything is ok. quite a few girls on here had early bleeding and it turned out to be 'cervical erosion' rather than anything else.

    Keep us updated.

    Rach xxx
  • Hope you're ok. The bleeding is so scary isn't it. I had light bleeding and spotting every week from 7 weeks to 13 weeks and then 2 bigger bleeds at 17 and 18 weeks. Each time I was so worried, but even when I've been into hospital, they can't find anything wrong. I've got my 20 week scan tomorrow and I'll be so much happier once I've seen the baby and heard that (hopefully) everything is ok.

    I've got my fingers crossed for you as I know how horrible it feels. Good luck with your scan, I hope it all works out ok.

    Laura xXx
  • Mrs Allen, I know exactly how you feel.
    I was bleeding at 7 weeks pregnant last year. Although I was sent hom from A&E and had to beg for a EPU scan - they told me to just go home and see what happens. I was so upset. Anyway I had a scan the next day and ALL WAS FINE. I was relived as it was quite a bit of blood.
    I now have a happy 10month baby boy! Think positive love...
  • Oh hunny i so sorry to read this but i had 2 bleeds in early pregnancy with my dd so try not to worry to much i know you will be worrying but try to think positive thoughts sweetie and i have my fingers and toes crossed that everything with bean is well. Hopefully you will get a scan 2moro as you should be able to see everything well enough past 6 weeks xx
  • hi

    sorry to hear you have had a bleed, i know how worrying they can be, iv had 4 bleeds so far, the first was at 6+4 so i demanded an early scan, which thankfully showed the sac and a good heartbeat, i then had another bleed about a week later, but they wouldnt let me have another scan, so i had to wait for my 12 week one, which seemed to take ages, but again everything seemed fine! im just writing this to let you know that bleeding in early pregnancy is very common and often is just one of those things, but often doesnt cause a problem with the baby. hope your scan goes well. take care

    ashy 24+6 xx
  • oh hunny i am sorry for this scare! When do you have yr scan??

    I have had bleeds in this pg - all is fine - i am 30 weeks now xxx

  • Hopefully will get scanned tomorrow, hospital will call 1st thing! Thanks for all your lovely well wishes! x
  • big hugs hun xxx
  • Hi i have found this site as iwas looking for some answers on tge internet! i found out i was 6 weeks pregnant 3days ago and started bleeding the next day-it carryed on and got heavier yesterday then stopped today,but i have just had anther bleed and im sure there was lkittle clotts????iv got a scan tomorrow im so upset im praying my babys okay but im just not sure?? anybody had similar experiance and all been okay?xxxx
  • im had this last night im 6 weeks + bleed last night and all thats going through my head is mc but im praying its not did a test after tbe bloody it saidd positive its stopped now but again feeling pains scans not until january the 10th x
  • Hi corrina

    I totally understand what u r going threw I'm 5weeks n on Tuesday I had a s mall bleed and quite A lot of pain to my left side, I phoned my local triage and they booked me in for a early scan the next day and alI was fine I even saw the heart beat, the midwife explained allthough it's scary it's very common for women to bleed in pregnancy and it was more than likely implantation bleeding, I hope this helps, but you could also phone your local triage and explain whats happening and request a early scan Hun maybe put ur mind at ease. 

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