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hi ladies

hope you can help, i had the result of my triple test today and ot came back 1:239 i didn;t think it was that bad, they've booked me in for an amnio on tuesday.

was wondering if anyone else has been through this.



  • Hi Sarah,

    If I were you I wouldn't worry about it - I'm not sure how much you can tell from these test results!! A friend of mine had the test done with her second baby - and her result came back as 1 in 4210... and then the baby was born with Down's syndrome, and with half a heart missing, and sadly passed away at the age of only 4. She then had it done again with her next pregnancy, and the result came back as 1 in 10... and her son is absolutely fine!! As she said, she guesses she was just 'that 1'!

    We chose not to have any of the tests done, and then had our own little surprise package - George, who was born 3 weeks early and later diagnosed with Down's syndrome. Not picked up on any scans, but fortunately he's managed to avoid the major health problems, and is doing amazingly well. And we wouldn't change him for the world!

    At least the amnio will give you a definite answer, and I think they usually do them if your result is less than 1 in 250.

    Mrs S x
  • Hi I am in the same boat and just wanted to share that I have top have a CVS tomorrow I am so freaked. I don't want there to be anything wrong with my baby. I wish this wasn't happening.
  • Hi libranaster

    I know exactly how you are feeling, do you mind me asking why you were refferred for one ? My results were 1:239 chance which is considered a high risk from my triple blood test, have had the most awful weekend since we found out debating whether to have it done or not. My hubs wants us to have it done and i'm not so sure...

  • On my scan my bub has a NT gap(its a gap at the back of the neck) of 6mm its only supposed to be about 1-2mm at this stage of my pregnancy and the odds are extreamly high there is a genentic problem with my baby. I think there is about 90% chance with the gap being that big. I mean if the odds were lower I might consider not having a CVS but with such a high risk I have to do what I have to do. This is so sad and men can just be so heartless about it without knowing how much of funts they are being. My partner only sees the picture as black and white if there is a problem we terminate but no test can tell us how severe the problem might be and it could be treatable. He even wants to terminate if the problem is treatable because of the cost and how that might effect our children although I think he means him really. Atleast thats what he said last night and I was pretty angry about that. He doesn't seem to get that we would be taking a life here. What a pig! I tell ya he is skating on thin ice of late. I wish he had of been there for the scan yesterday the bub was flip floping about in there and stretching out its arms and legs. There doesn't seem to be a hell of alot wrong to me. I mean if the baby can move its arms and legs and roll about in there and its brain is sending messages to its body to move its little arms and legs then how handicapped can this kid be not very in my book.
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