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Bum wiping!!!

Hi my eldest son is 4 and starts school in September. I am getting a bit concerned because he is really bad at wiping his bum. If left to do it himself, he gets poo all over his hands (tmi) and sometimes on his clothes. At nursery he still has his bum wiped, on the occasions that he does manage to do it we have nice stained pants....yuk.
Any ideas what we can do??? I think part of the problem is....he doesn't push all the poo out which is why he makes such as mess.....we tell him to push it out but he does not seem to understand.

(who would have thought 4 years ago i would be taking s much about poo lol:lolimage

Have tried toddler wipes still no joy.
Please help as we need to have cracked it before he goes to school!!


  • I haven't got any tips but i also have a 4 year old son that starts school in September and we have exactly the same problem! So il be looking out for tips too. Sorry for not being much help xx
  • i have a 4 year old too (well very nearly) and was she was always calling to have her bum wiped but i have said no you must do it yourself,i think as hard as it is, they have to. does he just use one bit of toilet roll, my LO was only using on tiny bit until i told her she can use more if she needed to!
    i was concerned about taking away her toilet seat and step but she can manage better on her own without it.
    sorry im not much help but all i would advise is to stand over him, watch him and encourage him to use abit more toilet roll.
    good luck xx
  • omg, u could b talking about my lo, she was 4 in feb so starts school in sept and everytime she has a poo she calls us to wipe her! getting concerned as some1 told me they wont help her at school! xxx
  • my son just started preschool, he's 3 & he couldn't wipe his own bum, they did help him to start with when he called them, but now he just gets on with it himself. he doesn't wipe it all off & theres usually poo stripes left, but he trying & thats brill. try not to worry too much, most kids cannot wipe themselves properly til over 5. just give them some tips, lots of paper, bend over & wipe from behind, they will get there. x
  • Sorry to gatecrash but i have to still 'help' my 7yr old with wiping his bum - lazyboy 'forgets'! Or that is his excuse hehehe

    Once they get a bit older it does get easier. I think girls are more inclined to be clean but boys will be boys.

    Just encourage them when going to the toilet, give them plenty of paper and lots of encouragement. You have all summer to try and get them to master the art xx
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