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Juvenile Arthritis?

Hi ladies,

My 4 year old has just got home from 3 days in hospital & has been diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis. She has a swollen middle finger on her left hand.

Am just wondering if anyone else has any experience of this & as i'm shocked that she could have arthritis at such a young age.

Going to post this in a few other forum's too.

Thank you.

Claire & Olivia xxx


  • Hi Claire - I've just strayed in from ttc and this caught my eye. I had arthiritis in my legs when I was 3. My mum asked me to get up from the floor one day and I literally couldn't. My legs wouldn't work.I spent weeks and weeks in hospital with my legs in traction. The doctors actually think it was connected in some way to my asthma. I am now 31 and have had no problems whatsoever since then - with arthirits or asthma.

    Hope your LO is better soon x
  • My cousin has this and I think it get very painful for her but she seems to cope ok. She excersises alot I think to try to keep her joints and bones healthy and it seems to have minimised the problem.
  • Hi ladies,

    Thank you all for taking the time to reply - it has been lovely hearing positive comments through people who have experienced this.

    Her finger is still swollen & we are still waiting to hear from the hospital for an apt to have a steroid injection. Chasing them but doesn't seem to be working!

    Thank you again, much appreciated x
  • oh no.... that must be a shock for you all.

    I hope she is OK??

    Sorry, no experience but wanted to send you my best wishes and hope she can get in under control with treatment

    d xxx
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