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Nights out

Hi guys i was wondering if anyone had had a night out yet and left the baby?i have i wasnt really ready but i had Take That tickets so couldnt miss that! daddy coped ok managing to defrost milk and feed her so sucess lol i might even have another night out soon!


  • i haven't been anywhere yet, but its my birthday on 9th juk-ly so hoping OH and i will be able to pop out for a quick drinky poos if my sis will babysit. also on the 25th july its my best friends hen do ( and i'm a bridesmaid so can't really skiop it) not going drinking or owt but its an over night stay at a spa, will be very relaxing, will prob do the world of good all those massages and pampering but i am very nervous about leaving him over night at 18 weeks old. will be expressing some milk ready for that morning and will have to take the pump with me cos else my boobs'll explode lol.

  • Don't even mention takethat to me lin, im pig sick-just had to put my ticket on ebay. My little man won't take a bottle so no nights out for me until he's weaned!!

    It's not that i want to leave him-im so content here at home but it would be nice to have the option and im also concerned he'll become very clingy if he doesn't get used to other people.

    It doesn't help that my non-mummy friends have no idea how much having a baby takes over your life, i don't think they unnderstand why i can't go out for tea around Maxs' bedtime etc.

    So ive heard the concert was amazing?!! xx
  • Not had a night out but I am back playing golf on a wednesday so Amelia has some time alone with daddy which is great for both of them. I've also left her with my dad a couple of times when I've had to pop into work but only for a couple of hours. I really want to go for a nice meal with OH but also want to make sure Amelia is fully into bedtime routine. My mum and dad love having her and I'm slowly getting used to leaving her for short spells - Hopefully won't be so clingy then.
    I know what you mean about non mummy friends - They think I'm crazy sticking to bedtime routine but Amelia gets so grizzly if the routine is broken though.
    I really don't mind being home with her - I'm don't feel I'm missing out on anything
  • i went to take that the other week and left him with daddy overnight. it was fine and i was really ready for it. had a great nights sleep and loved seeing him the next morning.

    not left him with a babysitter yet as we dont' have much family around here so not had the chance. i leave him with daddy a fair bit as i'm rehearsing for a show at the minute and my oh works away so he leaves him with me every week overnight.

    we are quite lucky though as he's in a good nighttime routine and is fast asleep by 7pm and doesnt' wake until 7am so wouldn't know who was looking after him anyway!!!

    you ladies just have to do what feels right as you'll only be stressed out if you go out too soon. but i can vouch for the fact that a night out does you the world of good!
  • Pixiebob it was fantastic its a shame he wont have a bottle,i find Leah is more likely to take a bottle if i put some milk on her lips first so she can taste it.
  • I left Zach when he was barely 2 weeks old. We had a very good friends wedding, so took him to the church then left him with MIL and FIL, from 6pm til midnight, then cos we were staying with them, they had him in their room so we could get some sleep. I've since left him a couple of other times with them.

    I also left him overnight with my brother when I had a 30th birthday to go to, he was around 2 months old. I drove to my brothers on the friday, stayed with him but pretty much handed Zach over to bro and his girlfriend so they could get used to him while I was there. Then left about 2 on the Saturday, drove the couple of hours to where the party was and returned about 2 on the Sunday. He had such a good time with them and was spoilt rotten, that when I walked in he looked at me as if to say 'not you again!'.

    I also went to Take That on Tuesday and left him with daddy. All was good except that I'm very strict about his routine and he has to be in bed by 8, if not asleep. Dad put him to bed at 10, having slept on the sofa since 8 (He thought that was the same as being in bed!) and consequently Zach was grumpy all day Wednesday! Why don't men listen??

    anyway, I think because I started leaving him when he was so young, both of us are getting used to it now. That's not to say that I don't miss him and worry that everything is ok!

    We're entitled to some time off ladies, God knows we work hard enough! So if your babies will take a bottle and you're leaving them with someone you trust, go for it and enjoy yourselves!

    C. X
  • A what now??

    We don't have any close family nearby so a night out won't be happening anytime soon. Nina also doesn't take a bottle so I would be a bit worried if I left her with her daddy. Part of the reason we want to move back to the UK is for the!
  • I have my first night out scheduled in two weeks time (going to see a dance exhibition with some friends). The plan is to give Peter his 4:30/5:00 feed before I leave. He always has a bottle of EBM at 7 before bed and I will leave enough for two further feeds as well. The first is if I'm not back in time to feed him when he wakes (anything from 10 to midnight at the moment) and the second is in case of emergencies.

    I am so grateful that he will take a bottle so that I can leave him with his dad for a few hours. I am looking forward to this night out more than I can say!
  • Ive left Erin in between feeds with OH, she also refuses a bottle of formula but will take bottle of breast but i havnt enough supplies at mo, have started to express an ounce a nite (all i can get out!!) to build a stock up!! She stopped taking a late nite feed and i dried up quite quickly so trying to get that going again by expressing! Its crazy!

    On subject of Take That...they were rehersing quite near to us and staying at a local hotel..OH missed meeting them by minutes when he stopped by the old hangers where there stage was set up, was invited back but he didnt get round to it, oh well have Leo decap and Johnny Depp back soon filming soon, not that i get to meet them image
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