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FAO Lizzy86

Hi hun

Nice to see you pop in the June forum. How are you and Lilly?

Elaine & Boys xxxx


  • Hi
    Ooh how excitin! Never had an FAO b4 thanks!
    I've recently started a new job where I have to take an hour for lunch so I've got more time to come on here, keep goin on e bay as well and spending money tho!

    Me and Lily r good she finally started crawlin last week I thought she was never gonna do it! She's gettin quite fast now so gotta watch her! She likes to stand up as well and will walk if u hold her hands. Can't beleive she's gonna b 1 on sunday, i dunno where the year has gone, this time last year I was havin a 'last' baby free lunch with my mum feelin fat hot and uncomfortable!

    How r u and ur boys? Did Tyler enjoy his birthday?
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