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Anyone else suffer from cystitis????

i am having a really severe bout and am so fed up. Feel like cr*p and am not sure what i can take as am in 2ww so don't want anything that would be bad if I am pg.

Any suggestions? - Am trying to drink lots of water and cranberry juice and am taking cranberry capsules.


  • i was going to suggest cranberry capsules, but you're already taking them, so what about some acidophillus? perhaps you don't have enough good bacteria to fight the bad bacteria?
  • I've not heard of acidophillus - can you get it over the counter?
  • Awww feebs - i get it a lot - i was advised to always pee before and after sex - but since TTC ive been trying to go to sleep straight away to give the sperms the benefit of not going aainst gravity and ive had a couple of nasty bouts.

    I'm pretty sure that cystopurin is safe in preg.

  • Thanks for your tips ladies - I am annoyed with myself as I always go to the loo soonish after BDing because I know it prevents cystitis but decided not to at the weekend to give the swimmers more of a chance. Thought that it would be fine as a one off - how wrong was I?!
    Thanks for the tip about peeing more often Erica and sitting up straight on the loo - I must admit i do lean forward especially when it's really painful. will try sitting up next time. And going more often - I'd been trying to hold it as much as possible as i thought it might make it more diluted and less painful but your theory about flushing the bacteria makes sense.
    I wisgh I wasn't at work with this though - and I'm on my own today managing 3 people's workloads image
  • I do, I have cystinuria and icc, and it's awful. I have effericitrate which does help quite a bit. Hope it eases off for you hun. Most of the over the counter stuff is rubbish, outside drinking buckets of water and perhaps getting a msu done just in case you have an infection as that can cause you to miscarry.

  • oh feebs i cant totally sympathise as im currently going through a bad bout of it too and im also in my 2ww !! god its so painful - why do us girls have to go through so much pain !!?? just wanted to let you know your not alone today im feeling your pain xxx
  • feebs, you can get acidophillus from holland and barret. i swear by the stuff. it's great for ibs, too.
  • hi girls i think thats this is what i may have, im currently 5+4 wk's pg & wasn't sure what i could take. can you tell me what your symptoms are?? i have this feeling down there i cant really explain, it's not a sting or a burn but very uncomfortable, it feels like the area i pee pee from is all inflamed is this cystitis????
    i have been drinking cranberry juice & feel a little more comfortable today xx
  • Sounds like it hun, cranberry juice & plenty of water to flush it through xx
  • livron - it sort of feels like a knife is going up there right at the end of your pee - I've been doing a bit of internet research and it is very common in pg but there are some antibiotics which are safe to take and it is safer to take them than suffer on as if it turns into a kidney infection it can cause miscarriage.
    Lil Kim - I'm sorry you have it too but it's nice to know I'm not the only one! I think it's getting worse so going to try and get to the docs tomorrow.
  • i suppose thats is it then, thanks girly's i'll keep drinking then, i told midwife as she phoned me today to arrange app & she said to take in a urine sample, does this pick up cystitus tho??? hope you ladies feel better soon as it's not nice x
  • me too feebs im going at 3.20 !!! will try and get pregnancy friendly anti- biotics (if they exist) just incase !!! xxx
  • bleurghhhhh! I hope everyone else is getting over their cystitis - I had a terrible day yesterday where I literally couldn't get off the loo for about 3 hours. i felt so ill - it was like being sick and constantly retching but in wee! Thankfully got a docs appointment and she gave me antibiotics (although as my urine sample was so diluted from all the water I'd been having she couldn't even detect the infection and told me to wait a couple of days before taking them!!! As if!!! I was in agony!). Thankfully they worked within a couple of hours so I'm feeling much better today.

    Livron - cystitis is really common in pg and the midwife tests for it at every appointment so it will def get picked up when you take in your sample.

    The things our bodies put us through eh?!
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