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AF??? - Opinions please - and sorry for TMI!!!

Hi Girls

Please can I have your opinions please?

It's 32 days since I had my ERPC, I only had bleeding (red blood) for 48 hours after the op, but since then have had varying amounts or pink brown discharge when I wipe since then.

I had a blood test done on Monday and my hCG level had dropped to 31, but this week the discharge has got heavier and then yesterday started to have some red blood again.

Could this possibly be the start of AF? - It's still very light, nothing like my normal periods and don't have the usual sore boobs...

I was expecting it to be heavier than on normal cycles, so just not sure but am sick and tired of "sort of bleeding" if that makes sense!!!

Can anyone shed any light on this for me???

Hope you can help..
C xx :\?


  • Hi!

    I had an erpc on May 18th, and only bled for a few hours afterwards, and spotted a little bit for a few days! I didn't have any blood tests afterwards, but I did a negative hpt a week later so my hcg levels had definitely dropped!

    Anyway, my first AF was nothing like normal! It came early- day 28- normally 32 day cycles! It was lighter and shorter than normal and a different colour and quite watery (sorry TMI!!) So, it may be your first AF, and your body trying to return to normal!
    It is a nightmare isn't it! I was quite worried when mine was so different but I have been fine since so just hoping that all is ok and the next one is more normal! I would see what happens over the next few days- hopefully things will settle down for you!! xx

  • Hi, I had ERPC on 12th May, bled lightly for week after, I had a subsequent light 'period' type bleed another 6 days after this, it was too soon to be AF and I certainly didn't ovulate. What I think happened there was my body's response to no HCG - I think it was my body 'clearing out', so to speak. I wonder if this could be similar to what you are both describing? After this my body has then appearred to get back to normal quite easily (she says, wating for the imminent arrival of first proper AF).
    Hope things return to normal asap for you x
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