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My Lil Feeding Machine !!

Got to share these,,,,,he stuffs his face....obv loves his food :lol:

my son sits in front of the fridge until his next meal LOL


  • Aww how cute! A little stunner xx

    PS Not looking forward to having that kind of mess to clean hehe
  • He's gorgeous and looks so happy with his broccoli bless him.

    I wish Gabe liked food, he hates it unless its skips, biscuits or other rubbish!
  • It's great when they enjoy their food. I've had some moments with my fussy madam but she's eating well at the moment. She had half a small pizza at lunch with yellow peppers, cherry tomatoes & cubes of cheese, then a large bowl of melon pieces and for tea she had salmon pasta bake. Thought she would explode!
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