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Eastenders 'baby' Amy

Why isn't that baby ageing?!!! It's bugging the life out of me-i know she was premature but come on, that was before xmas and she's still the size of a newborn?!!!!xx


  • i know thought exactly the same- i said the other day that she seems to be getting smaller!! xxx
  • Was the same with 'baby' Oscar on Easties- he was in the pram until he was about 1! I think Amy does still look tiny, but she's really sweet so I'll forgive them!


  • I always think Oscar looks too babyish yet he should be about 20 months as a bit older than my lo.

    And Tanya & Roxy have it soooo easy as mothers!!!
    Oscar was always asleep and when he did wake she'd ask one of the girls to see to him!!! And Amy is always sleeping too above a noisy pub and Roxy can get pissed!
  • Hehehe - I think that all the time about Tanya & Roxy. Oscar seems to constantly sleep in his cot or be at Dot's!

    Tonight when Jack took Amy home to his she was swaddled like a newborn, didn't actually see her but it looks like a newborn should have been there! Not exactly 'realistic'! (sp) I know it's a soap but looked so false
  • That's the part i saw Charliemum, my lo is 15weeks and id never manage to swaddle and carry him like that!
  • hehehe! Amy is months older than Charlie and a blanket wouldn't swaddle him these daysimage
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